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Previously: Lux was a bastard child of two 16-year-olds named Cate and Baze. While Lux pinged around the foster system for 15 years and change, Cate and Baze spent that time mastering their own self-involvement, getting engaged to their coworkers (Cate), opening a bar (Baze), and perfecting their respective demeanors of uptight and overly relaxed. (Lux takes after Cate.) Lux re-entered the lovable cads' lives, bringing along with her a whole slew of issues and, oh boy, will there be plenty of time to sort out those issues. Lux has been returned to sender, courtesy of the Oregon state family court system.

Good morning, Portland! Lux and Baze have settled nicely into their getting-Lux-to-school routine as he hands her a coffee with two sugars, and she hands him a lightly toasted blueberry waffle. Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan remind their listeners that Cate has taken on the role of Mom. Baze and Lux are listening, which prompts Baze to wonder if people will start calling him Dad. Then he realizes that would take a lot more responsibility, sternness, and, apparently, hair. Back on the air, Cate thanks her listeners for being surprisingly supportive. Baze pulls up to school just as Lux's flame-headed friend Tasha is being harassed by some hoodlums. He offers to walk the girls up, but they say they can handle themselves. Then the bell rings, and yet more hoodlums make a run for it, followed by an armed guard. Baze looks on speechless as the girls make their way inside.

Meanwhile, Cate asks her audience, "It's parenting, how hard can it be? I mean, every dummy is doing it." Ryan takes a call, who lights into Cate for not revealing her dirty little 16-year-old secret sooner. Turns out, it's Cate's sister Abbie. She wonders if Cate's told their mom yet. Cate sidesteps that question, so Abbie turns to the paternity of the darling little bastard. It seems Cate led her to believe she got knocked up by the school mascot. Ryan spills that it was Baze, and Abbie is shocked to realize that Cate had sex with her high school crush. Abbie is a split-second away from going ballistic when Cate cuts to commercial. Ryan snarks that Abbie -- who may be even more high-strung than Cate if such a thing is possible -- is actually a therapist. He calls Cate out for hooking up with her sister's crush, but Cate points out that everyone had a crush on Baze. He was the quintessential popular quarterback, after all. Cate takes issue with her sister calling her on-air and taking her to task for being a selfish parent. She says she hasn't had a chance to prove herself since she's only had Lux a week. As she talks, Ryan gets an alert that Lux's high school has been locked down due to gang violence. Ryan covers for Cate as she runs out of the station.

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Life Unexpected




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