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Previously: Two teens + one bastard baby + 16 years = A whole mess of trouble. And that's without factoring in a fiancé (albeit a shockingly level-headed one), a sister who will steal the man right out from under you, four parents who don't barely deserve to be called parents, a couple of ragamuffin kids who've been ping-ponging their way around the foster system for the last decade and a half, and a cadre of nimrod frat-boy friends who can always be counted on to dole out truly horrendous advice. Now, when you factor all that in, that's when you get Life Unexpected.

It's another morning in Portland, and a rather glorious one, luckily, since it'll be the last we see of these whippersnappers for some time. Intercut with audio of a Justice of the Peace talking about coming together on this day to celebrate, how it's a day that's been a long time in the making, etc., Cate and Lux put on their finery and head to City Hall. Once there, they greet Baze with equally happy faces, and you know it's Lux's adoption ceremony, not Cate's wedding. I am certain their faces would read a bit different on that particular trip to City Hall. The Judge tells Lux that her dream, unlike many others, is becoming a reality. He pronounces her no longer a ward of the state and grants full joint custody to Cate and Baze, then congratulates the new family. The case worker takes a picture of the gang, during which Cate and Baze clutch hands behind Lux's back. Scandal! Did I mention he's wearing a tux-like suit with white piping around the lapel? That might be more scandalous. Seriously, Baze? As Lux thanks her case worker for everything, Cate and Baze unclasp hands, ever so slowly, ever so reluctantly, like Baby and Johnny in Dirty Dancing when they get back from the Sheldrake... except, well, way less magic because there is no Swayze involved. Sigh...

They get back home, where Cate pops some champagne and makes Lux promise to tell no one that getting all boozy was their first official undertaking as a family. Lux teases that they've all done worse. They toast to all the "worse" things they've done, from throwing illegal keg parties to getting arrested and so on. Cate wraps up the toast, raising her mimosa "to break-ups... breakdowns" and feigns shock that she and Baze are getting along -- "It's almost like I like you!" They finally settle on a toast to family.

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Life Unexpected




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