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Dress To Distress
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Previously: Everything we already know, plus self-involved moms, self-respecting fiancés, and teenage walkouts galore.

Lux rides her bike to school as Cate and Ryan spar on-air about the merits, or lack thereof, of eye contact during oral. Cate finds it unsettling. Ryan tells her, "If we don't work out, you should write a manual on the 'Dos and Don'ts of Cate Cassidy." She agrees, "Yeah... if we don't work out." Strained eye contact. Lux arrives at school and struggles with her bike lock. Jones gives her a hand and makes small talk until he gets up the balls to ask her to Winter Formal. Lux tells him she'd rather eat paste before realizing he just asked her on another date. He stammers that it would be just as friends and promises her it'll be better than eating paste.

Back at the station, Ryan notes Cate looks a little haggard. "Driving everyone you love out of your life is pretty exhausting," she snarks. He asks if she's been in touch with Lux, and she says it's been strained to say the least. She wants to make things better, but Lux is barely speaking to her. Ryan tells her she doesn't have to settle for 'no' with Lux. "Only with you?" she asks. That'd be a yes.

Later that afternoon, Math (still bearing a grudge against Baze) tutors Lux in chemistry. Baze pipes in to suggest they play putt-putt that night. Lux says she can't because she's going to the dance. She adds that she's going with Jones, and Baze is psyched that his daughter's becoming the kind of cool girl he would have dated back in the day. Math, meanwhile, takes every opportunity to take jabs at Baze for being a backstabbing narcissist. Which, to be fair, he can be sometimes. But Math is a little too invested in this 16-year-old drama, if I do say so myself. Lux notes the awkwardness and leaves to go find a frock. Baze calls out Math for being a drama queen about his sleeping with Cate, adding "how was I supposed to know that after all these years you were still serial-killer obsessed with her?" Just then, Cate walks in and wonders who they're talking about. "Cher!" Math blurts out. "But not in a gay way." Baze shoots back, "Is there another way?" Heh. It all flies over Cate's head because she's on a mission to badger Lux into liking her again. Baze updates her about Lux going to the Winter Formal with Jones. She jumps on the idea to help Lux shop for a dress. As she heads upstairs, Math admits Baze did a nice thing by allowing Cate in for the shopping bonding. Baze, however, says he dodged a bullet -- dresses are expensive! Figures.

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Life Unexpected




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