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Previously: Eleven episodes have come before, and they still feel the need to tell us that Lux is a bastard child? Yeah. Also? Cate and Ryan set the date for their on-again/off-again/on-again wedding -- and she's not even knocked up! -- even though Baze very well may have feelings for his prissy-pants baby mama.

It's an uncharacteristically sunny morning in Portland as Ryan and Cate discuss their wedding invitation, or for the sake of accuracy Evite. Ryan thinks it's tacky, Cate realizes they're not really working with enough time for class. Did I mention this is all happening live on air? God, the ratings must be soaring! Cate calls out Baze for not RSVPing yet before signing off. Cut to Baze, who's in the thick of a debate over whether he should attend the wedding. As if it's an option. He runs his quandary by Bug, bringing him up to speed on Abby's theory that Baze still has feelings for Cate. He doesn't want to believe it yet has a strange urge to sniff her (I wish I were making this up) every time she's around. Bug suggests Baze keep his distance.

That afternoon, Lux and Cate are in Cate's mom's attic looking for Cate's grandmother's brooch. Along the way they run into Cate's headgear and some Kirk Cameron memorabilia. Ah, those glorious days before Fireproof. How I miss Mike Seaver! Lux runs across a stack of birthday cards from someone named Grant. Cate snatches them and runs downstairs, screaming for her mother. TBC...

Back at the bar, Bug gets jumped by some three of his former friends when he is taking out the recycling. Let's just say they have a difference of opinion over who owes who money, and Bug gets the crap beaten out of him. Not for lack of swinging, though. Little Buggy's a feisty one. Guess you've gotta be to have a spider web tattooed on your neck. Baze breaks up the melee and tells Bug to keep his no-goodnik friends in the past.

Back at Cate's childhood abode, we discover that Grant is Cate's father. Ms. Cassidy insisted that he'd been out-of-touch for all these years, but she was lying. Cate's mom thinks she did what was best for Cate, not giving her false hope. Cate thinks her mom was thinking only of herself and retaliating for how much her husband hurt her. This one discovery unravels an intricate web of lies -- indeed one worthy of Bug's neck -- Cate's mom spun about Cate's dad. Says Ms. Cassidy, "You don't know him." Retorts Cate, "Thanks to you."

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Life Unexpected




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