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Gorilla Warfare
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Previously: You know the drill, plus Cate is too much of a wimp to tell Ryan about her one-night stand with Baze.

Cate and Ryan vie over the best break-up song on-air, which I think is a bit of clunky foreshadowing for this episode. Meanwhile, Lux lies in bed and forlornly looks in bed at a picture of the long-lost Bug. Ryan and Cate argue what's best about breaking up -- dressing like a slob and eating your weight in ice cream (Cate's entry) or rebound sex (Ryan's) -- and Cate gives a shout-out to an upcoming contest they'll be hosting. After her show, Cate gives Lux the aforementioned weight-in-ice-cream as they talk out her Bug-less existence. The Rocky Road ice cream is a metaphor, you see. Lux feels bad for driving Bug away, but Cate says Bug drove himself away, literally. She insists it's not Lux's fault that Bug didn't treat her well. She says Lux's Five Stages of Grief are completely natural and hands her some money for retail therapy. Lux says some arm warmers might take the sting away. Arm warmers?! Lux, I thought you were better than Hot Topic, girl. You let me down! Lux changes gears and says that, aside from Bug's buggering off, thinks have actually been pretty good lately. Cate tells her she'll be there for whatever Lux needs.

Later that day, Lux has decided to emerge to spend Cate's consolation money, and she's brought Tasha along! Joy! (Sarcasm.) Tasha is as winning and sunny as ever. Home girl is gloomier than the Seattle weather. Lux eyes a "Real Housewife does Biker Bar Hooker" get-up, and she and Tasha agree it'll be perfect to drive away her potential foster family that evening. Lux says it looks expensive, but Tasha knows about this thing called a "five finger discount." Lux looks uncomfortable, despite her sordid, sticky-fingered past, and says she'll wait outside while Tasha snatches the frock. She snarks that someone will need to be her one phone call when she gets arrested -- a situation she knows all too well thanks to her dearly departed, Grand Theft Bug-o. Tasha calls her a wimp and heads inside for a little afternoon larceny.

Across town, Cate and Ryan arrive home to find Baze banging on the door. They try to ignore him, but he can see them through the frosted glass door. Ryan begrudgingly agrees to let Baze in, and Cate tells him not to stir things up by mentioning any of the kissing (read: wet humping) stuff. Baze says he came by to take Lux out for some post-break-up Whack-a-Mole. Because apparently she's a nine-year-old boy. Ryan sharply says he already has plans to take Lux out for a driving lesson that afternoon. Baze gets territorial that Ryan's taking on a fatherly role, and it looks like they're heading into a full-on, chests-out-like-gorillas standoff. Cate steps in to say that Baze can take Lux out tomorrow because right now they're having family time. At which point, Ryan smugly kisses her on the back of the head, all, "What?!" Baze bitters, "Yeah, don't let me intrude on the 'family thing,'" and leaves. Once he's out the door, Ryan sternly says that next time he's going to say something to Baze.

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Life Unexpected




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