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Songs in the Key of Betrayal
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Tonight we've got a previouslies to the previouslies outlining the whole premise of the series each week. Good luck with that.

Kendal's searching all of the crew's luggage in the makeshift shore base they've thrown up somewhere on the island, and they're getting pretty owly about it. Including Shepard, who's a little offended that even she isn't exempt from suspicion. Kendal's selling a cover story that they're looking for an accomplice in the BZ attack that Julian facilitated last week, as well as the stolen EpiPens. He can't exactly go broadcasting the fact that Chaplin's nuclear launch key is what they're really looking for, can they? Kendal chases Shepard off, and when Chaplin shows up, he tells the captain that there's no sign of the key. Chaplin says this needs to stay between the two of them until they've identified the enemy within the crew. Apparently it's been 48 hours since it disappeared, which makes Kendal wonder why they're even still alive. "Our Judas hasn't reported their success yet," Chaplin says blithely, and insists that even Shepard might have gone off the deep end after her father's arrest. Kendal insists that he trusts her, but Chaplin isn't having it, even though Kendal's worried about losing the crew. Chaplin has clearly forgotten that whoever stole the key also saved his life and made sure the sub had breathable air again, or he'd probably be a little less uptight about all this.

On board the Colorado, Prosser is ordering the sailors to open up the lockers under their bunk. One sailor, Kowalski, tries to stash what he claims is a night-guard for his teeth, but Prosser isn't fooled, furiously dragging the sailor into the head and flushing down what is instead a baggie of drugs. Just Say No doesn't just apply to shady nuclear launch orders, after all.

Kendal and Chaplin pay a visit to the Black Ops guy from last week who claimed to be McClure, who they secretly stashed away in an abandoned hut in the jungle somewhere. They're the only ones who know he's alive, so he starts by telling them his real name, Booth. Sic semper tyrannis, motherfuckers. But what the senior officers really want to know who in the crew Booth's working with. Booth drops a hint, prompting Chaplin to mention the widespread rumor that there's a CIA sleeper agent on every sub, just in case a captain goes crazy. Well, whoever the sleeper is on the Colorado, clearly their alarm didn't go off. Booth figures whoever it is must have gotten Chaplin's key, but he insists he has no way of knowing who it might be, and even invites Kendal to torture him again. For now, they leave him chained up and go to see the one other person who might know.

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