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Silent Cunning
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Kendal looks like he's out for a run, but he fires his sidearm into the air as he runs into the village square, where there's some kind of altercation going on between one of the sailors and a local over a shoplifted banana. Kendal orders the offender back to the boat and the other sailors to continue their search for the still-missing Brannan and Cortez, but the mutinous sailor refuses the order, throwing off his uniform tunic and telling his fellows, "Ask the COB." Who is watching smugly from his cage. "Without us, they have to surrender and we all go home." Why, that's so simple it'll never work. Kendal mocks him and orders him put in the brig, but that order is barely followed either.

At the station, Shepard reports to Captain Chaplin that a sailor named Redman -- one of COB's loyalists from last week, nicknamed Red -- has been missing since yesterday. I don't know what anybody expected of a guy whose name is practically Redshirt, but there's also still no sign of Brannan and Cortez. They both know the sailors aren't AWOL, but before Chaplin can elaborate he takes a phone call from his new negotiator, an Amanda Straw. Chaplin congratulates her on the new gig, and she threatens to impose a blockade by nightfall unless he surrenders. "That's a bit of a reach, isn't it, considering the 17 Tridents still in my control?" Chaplin says pleasantly, at which point Straw threatens to let Chaplin's dead son continue to rot in a Navy morgue until Marcus surrenders. Dick move, that. Chaplin hangs up and asks the newly arrived Kendal what's on his mind, as if there's nothing at all on Chaplin's.

Chaplin and Kendal visit Prosser and his shirtless new cage-mate to ask the COB about the missing sailors. Prosser lords over Chaplin's slipping control of the crew, and Chaplin says they both want the same thing: "Me in front of a court-martial where one of us will be proven right." That's not quite the same thing, but Chaplin asks for Prosser's help finding his people, offering to cut the COB loose in exchange for a promise to stop undermining him. They agree on it, but Kendal warns the COB he'll be watching.

From the bar, King looks up from his poker game with one of Julian Serrat's heavies long enough to witness the two sailors' release, but pays attention when he sees the watch his opponent just put on the table. He goes right to HQ and hands the watch to Shepard, who recognizes it as Cortez's. King says it came from a guy who works for Julian. "Friend of the French lady," he elaborates. I assume he means Sophie, but it's good to finally know her nationality. King leaves her to it, and when she tries to leave the room, Prosser comes in and lays down some intimidation. Or tries to, at least, topped off with a sardonic salute.

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