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While the Colorado is underway, Kendal interrupts Chaplin, who's watching a video dispatch from his son in his quarters. As they join the scene on the conn, Cameron reports from the radar station that the 200-mile perimeter Chaplin laid out last week in his warning video is now being lined with American ships. They're also in touch with Shepard at the listening post, who confirms more ships closing in. Luckily the Colorado has that signature-concealing prototype Kylie Sinclair had installed, and it looks like they're getting ready to test it. Sophie, the station boss, is clearing out, telling her employee she won't be part of this. Back on the boat, Kendal reminds Chaplin that the prototype could bring down the whole ship if it goes down, and besides, they should be trying to fix things with Washington before it's too late. I'm thinking that boat's already left, but this is a weekly series, after all.

Chaplin responds to Kendal by addressing the whole crew through the mic about the twenty-odd warships closing in. "These are our brother in arms, sent now to kill us. There will be a time to talk, but right now, we show strength." Chaplin then gives the order to engage the Perseus prototype. It comes on, the lights briefly go out, and Shepard reports over the radio that the Colorado just dropped off their screen. Hooray for Perseus, which nobody ever said while watching Clash of the Titans. Cameron reports from the onboard radar station that their old buddies on the Illinois are weaving in and out of the perimeter, in a sort of naval version of the ever-popular sibling game "I'm Not Touching You." Chaplin, not playing, orders battle stations. Kendal reminds Chaplin there are 134 on board that ship, but then backs the captain. He's the guy with the nukes, after all.

On board the Illinois, that sub's captain learns from his radar guy that the Colorado just dropped from sight, which tells him that "Marcus has a new toy." He's about to initiate a game of cat-and-mouse when the Colorado take the initiative, launching a torpedo. The Illinois helplessly watches it come in on the sensors, but then it just breaks open on one of its tail fins. "Disabled warhead's a hit, sir," Cameron reports. The Illinois cuts and runs, Chaplin orders the torpedoes kept lock and armed this time, and they head back.

Back in DC, one of the government spooks babysitting Christine Kendal in that Matrix-like interrogation room tries to scare her with the mushroom cloud off the coast, which she points out is farther than the distance between Vegas and White Sands. Another guy says Sam and the rest of his crew are going to die, even though he's sure Sam just wants to do the right thing. Christine can't exactly argue with that second part, can she?

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