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A disoriented Sam Kendal runs through the jungle -- grimy, bloody-faced, and with a syringe in his hand over the subtitle, "3 HOURS AFTER THE CHEMICAL ATTACK," with the word CHEMICAL in bright red letters for some reason. As if suddenly spotting the needle for the first time, he more calmly walks into town, which looks as though it's been abandoned in a panic; overturned bikes, cards and money left on tables, all signs that some shit went down here, say, three hours ago. Suddenly Christine accuses, "You're never coming back, are you?" Sam turns, suddenly less bloody and inside his house, and gives his skeptical wife reassurances and a kiss before stepping out the front door and back into reality. Or whatever the current version of it is. He picks up an abandoned machete and climbs the stairs to the bar, which is equally abandoned. After getting a load of himself in the mirror and wiping some of the blood off, he goes out back to the river and finds what looks like a whole pile of bodies next to the water, sailors and locals alike. Including Sophie's employee from the monitoring station, who we finally learn tonight is named Nigel. I should have guessed that.

Kendal finds goes to Cameron, who fortunately is only asleep, so presumably all the rest of them are as well. Kendal's next distraction is the sound of music, and he follows it to where Mayor Julian is hastily packing up his car, apparently unaffected by either the chemical attack or the subtitles thereof. Realizing Kendal remembers no more of the past few hours than we the viewers do, Julian tells Kendal that he and everyone else have been drugged and he just needs to lie down and sleep it off. Kendal isn't calmed by the sight of the blood on Julian's shoes, or his promise that "your friends were already dead when I got here." Now Kendal sees the bloody tracks leading out of the house, and follows them into find two of King's SEAL buddies sporting some new bullet holes. While he's absorbing this sad sight, Julian sneaks up behind and tasers him, saying it's for his own good. "One more for luck," he adds, which is just too generous of him.

So now we flash back to "4 HOURS EARLIER," which is also "20 MINUTES BEFORE THE CHEMICAL [in red] ATTACK." King wakes up in Tani's bed, and tells her as she dresses that he hasn't slept like that in years. Maybe because she's polite enough not to eavesdrop when he talks in his sleep. Or at least that's what she tells him.

Kendal, Chaplin, King and one of the SEALs who has less than four hours to live are standing around the bedside of King's SEAL buddy Hopper, the one wounded in the moments before the pilot episode began. Chaplin alludes to the Secretary of Defense's keen interest in them, and tells them they're welcome here on the island if they don't feel safe going home. Hopper goes nuts in his bed, telling Chaplin he's dead already. People do keep saying that on this show.

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