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Anyway, as Mary stands there feeling all frustrated, Danny walks by and tells Shelly of the culinary delights that await her during their evening at Peel. As they're walking along, Shelly catches sight of Delinda (still in her white disco outfit, which leads me to think Shelly's a con artist with superb time-management skills, what with having pegged three Montecito employees before dinner) and steers Danny in the opposite direction with pleas for lip balm. She bolts, and Delinda asks Danny teasingly, "Who's your friend?" Danny gets a stupid, cocky look on his face, and tells Delinda to scram and take her fixing-up ideas with her. Danny has clearly never heard of hubris. Delinda saunters off after dropping the idea that it might be fun to double-date. Yeah, because that wouldn't be awkward at all.

Michael (and yes! It's confirmed by closed-captioning!) and Elliott are sitting on the floor of the elevator bank, betting each other $10,000 to see which elevator opens first. Sam walks up, saying, "Of course you're not outside, because you're here." The guys shush her as they wait for an elevator to open. Sam, who is squatting back on her heels, lets her head drop to her knees as she sends a plea for patience out to an uncaring universe. As Sam gets up and walks off again, two elevators open and both men shout, "Gah! Mine went first!" Sam turns around; the two guys ask her in unison, "Sam?" She ducks the question by saying she didn't see anything. Michael asks, "How could you not see --" "I turned around --" Sam starts, and Elliott says, "We could check the surveillance tapes." "There we go," Michael replies. Heh. These two are quite the little comedy team. Sam assures them she'll talk to someone about that, then steers them off toward their chili burgers.

As Sam is corralling both men through the lobby, Michael notices an ad for Laughlin. She comes back, urging him to keep moving. Michael asks how far it is to Laughlin. Sam tells him it's 100 miles. Elliott immediately says, "I say Sam can get us there and back in under three hours." Yeah -- she'd only have to do about 70 miles an hour, assuming they didn't actually stop in Laughlin. Sam points out that she's not doing illegal driving. Michael adds, "Fifty thousand says we hit traffic. It'll be at least three-plus hours." Elliott says, "Sam?" She peels her eyeballs off from the back of her head, where they were stuck during a monster eye-roll, and says warily, "Yes?" "We're going to Laughlin," Elliott says. As Michael passes her, he adds, "Road trip." And Sam is about to spend three hours of her working day with these guys…why? Because all the millionaires are off having their annual We Secretly Run The World meeting in an underwater volcano lair?

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