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Danke Schoen, Wayne

And now, it's time to get Danny out to the pool for some contrived reason so he too can be lured into the Crazy/Don't web of deception. He literally stops speaking as she gets out of the water to the kind of montage that should be totally unnecessary now that Skin has been cancelled. Crazy/Don't -- who's actually wearing a very nice black bikini and looking quite fetching as a brunette -- notices Danny checking her out, and then she sees the bling on his wrist. She gives something off to her right a long stare, and then turns her attention back toward Danny. I guess she was given some other guy the come-hither, but she changed her mind in the millisecond it took for him to get in her personal space, and a little altercation ensues. This is the equivalent of an engraved invitation for someone with a rescue complex like Danny to interfere. He heads on over and asks if everything's okay, and Crazy/Don't replies that "he doesn't seem to understand the meaning of 'I don't want a back rub.'" Well, then, can you send him my way? I'm always up for a back rub. Danny steers her off, then blocks the guy with a smug little smile, noting, "I think you're making my friend a little uncomfortable. I'm going to ask you to leave the pool area for a little bit." The other guy says skeptically, "Your friend." Danny reiterates, "My friend." "Really?" the other guy asks. Danny confirms it. The guy checks out Crazy/Don't -- you know, in the light, that suit looks more dark olive than black -- and says, "I could have sworn she was just another Vegas pool bitch." I kind of like the phrase "pool bitch." Is that wrong? Anyway, Danny tells the guy that Crazy/Stupid is out of his league, a phrase that always makes me crack up because I think of that awful Patrick Swayze song, and then Danny adds, "When I kick your ass in front of all these people, it's going to take years of therapy just to get over the embarrassment." The guy looks like he's battling the urge to break out laughing. Danny tells the guy to scram. He does, barely hiding his grin. Crazy/Don't walks up at that point and asks Danny what he said. Danny replies, "I just told him we were getting married tomorrow." She says, "Well, that doesn't give us much time to get acquainted. I'm Shelly." Before she offers her hand, she pulls her untied bikini top off through her tank top. Smooth move! It's charmed Danny.

Commercial time! Good God, does anyone actually watch NBC on Tuesday nights? Should there be a twelve-step program for people who do?

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