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Danke Schoen, Wayne

Up in the office, Danny gets another to grow on from Big Ed. It's got to be embarrassing having Big Ed lecture you on your sex life. Danny's all, "She could have been telling the truth." Big Ed says, "She could have, but she wasn't. That's why Duran's not wearing the real -- what do you call this?" "Bling," Danny supplies. Big Ed tosses over the watch. Danny protests, "I was onto her too, you know." And under her. And…well, pick your preposition. Danny comments on how unobservant Ray is, and Big Ed notes, "Well, con men are greedy. Greedy people are easy marks. Anyway, if you couldn't get a second-stringer like Duran, I would have been even more disappointed than I am." Danny protests, "More disappointed? Ed, they're in custody." Big Ed replies, "I'm disappointed in your, ah, social life management." Creepy! He continues, "I've got a list of approved girls here for you. Their names all start with Delinda. I'd also like you to consider becoming a born-again virgin until the day you exchange vows with my little girl." Or maybe that's just the subtext. Danny grins, "From an angel to the devil?" Big Ed, somberly: "Possibly, someday, I'll find the humor in that."

And now, the scene where we discover that all of Danny's coworkers read the daily "What stupid thing did Danny do today?" email. After getting razzed by Delinda and Sam over his bad luck, we find out that Danny missed the chance to get it on with twins. Aww. Who wouldn't be heartbroken at passing up the prospect of an incestuous three-way? Please don't answer that in the forums. Fortunately, we have Cosme to salve our pain -- he's now the lounge act in the Bella Sera, and Leonor is a cocktail waitress there. You know, they seem awfully thrilled to have suddenly relocated for a life of cover songs and drink-slinging. I can't help but think this is a really crappy ending for them; I mean, Fresno's not Paris of the central valley, but still…

Anyway, Cosme's velvet vocals put all the regulars in a festive mood, and they begin dancing in the back, all bopping together. Danke Schoen!

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