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Danke Schoen, Wayne

Commercial time! I love the commercial for the VW Jetta where the guy makes his little babysitting charges sprint up the hill and run on a treadmill. Hee!

When we come back, there's some big thing splashed across the bottom of the screen for Average Joe, which is possibly the most annoying network promotion I've seen outside the FOX channel. Sam brings Michael and Elliott over to the table, and presents Julio with a flourish. They're appreciative of her efforts to bully the codger into returning to his old job. She makes introductions; Michael's all, "Julio, what's happening?" while Elliott implores, "Be good to me, Julio." Julio's eyes seem to be fixed on death's doorway; he looks like he's reading the welcome mat. Both Michael and Elliott request markers for $10,000. Nessa hands the money over to a barely-responding Julio. He quavers, "Marker $10,000," after an age.

Sam finally says, "I think we need to hold the deal; I'm not sure Julio's up for this." Nessa looks like she agrees. Julio looks like he's checking out the robes on the choir invisible. Sam says, "I should have never let this happen. Julio, would you like me to take you home?" Michael is all, "Would you just let him deal the first hand? And then you can take him home." Sam says evenly, "Michael, Elliott. You're our valued guests, I feel like I've done everything I can to make you happy, but you understand that I don't want to embarrass Julio here." Michael and Elliott exchange looks. Elliott says, "Sam? We just thought that maybe he could, um…" Sam cuts in, "Well, he can't. And if another dealer is unacceptable to you, then you can gamble elsewhere." The two are quiet for a moment, and then Michael stops sucking on his teeth and grins as Elliott leans into the table and begins mock-sobbing into the felt. Sam glares, and Nessa checks out the whole scene with a deadpan mien. Michael is all, "Thank you, thank you -- you owe me $100,000." Elliott's all, "I thought for sure she would last longer." Sam asks what she had to do with it; the two explain that they had a little wager to see how long it would take to drive Sam crazy. Nessa quickly hides her smile. Michael leans forward and thanks Julio, who seems a lot more possessed of his facilities now, and warmly wishes them well until next year. Nessa explains, "They pull something different every year." Sam turns around and gives everyone a thermonuclear-grade glare. Michael asks, "How are ya, Sam? Is something wrong?" "What?" asks Elliott. Sam stalks off. Elliott asks Nessa, "She's not mad at us, is she?" Nessa replies, "With Sam you can never tell but you know -- Hell hath no fury."

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