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We go to Ray -- who, by the way, is not wearing a muscle tee as I remember them being defined -- and we see that Ray is trying to rob the machine, using what seems like a blackjack. Danny comes off the elevator. That seems so unnecessary; you'd think that a casino would actually have its security operations on the same floor as the casino itself. Anyway, a few security goons move in on one end, Danny moves in on another, and another set of security goons moves in toward Ray. Or maybe they're all deckhands on Judge Smalls's yacht: the blazers, chinos, and deck shoes certainly give that impression. Maybe the Montecito's going for a nautical theme. "Ahoy, matey! Come with us to the brig. No secrets between sailors, you old salt! Yarrrr!" Anyway, Ray catches sight of all these burly deckhands and takes off. There's a brief and pointless chase. The security guys don't really pursue so much as amble in a very specific direction. No wonder Danny doesn't call for backup often. Anyway, Danny catches Ray after Ray trips, and while crushing his trachea with a Cole-Haan jackboot, he deadpans, "We have a winner."

He, Ray, and Big Ed are in the interrogation room. Big Ed's kicking back with his feet up on the table. Hee! Danny's asking what they'll do with Ray, and Ray tries to whip out the Crazy with, "You better kill me, man, because when I get out of here, I'm going to straight to the cops. I'm going to report you for assault, kidnapping and unlawful restraint." Why does everyone become a lawyer the minute they walk into this room? Danny points out that Ray had a light wand. Ray points out, "I didn't use it." Big Ed sits up and says, "It doesn't really matter, see?" And then he whips out a knife and holds it to Ray's throat. Ray takes this about as well as can be expected. Big Ed asks, "What? I didn't use it." He continues that the knife is illegal, and then adds, "You walk into my casino with a cheating device, and you're going to jail." Ray switches to a different flavor of Crazy, claiming he's only turning to petty crime in the Montecito in between menacing Shelly for the $8000 she owes. Big Ed asks again, "Exactly how much does she owe you?" Ray replies, "Eight grand." Big Ed muses, "Eight. So that will be six. You get your money, you'll leave her alone." Ray replies, "I get my money, I never want to see that bitch again." Oh, breakups can get so ugly. Big Ed doesn't take his eyes off Ray as he orders, "Danny, give him your watch." By now, Danny should know when Big Ed has an elaborate bluff set up. And yet… "What? I'm not giving -- you give him your watch!" Oh, Danny. Either you need to get schooled in game theory and quick, or your play-acting in collusion with Big Ed is too subtle for most viewers. Eventually, Danny hands over the bling. Big Ed explains, "This is a Kronoswiss Classic. Eighteen-karat gold. Retails at ten thous --" "Twelve," Danny corrects him. My hankering for a simple Cartier tank watch seems humble by comparison. Ray takes the watch; Big Ed directs, "I don't want to see you anywhere near her. Is it a deal?" Ray holds out his hand to shake on it, but Big Ed growls at him to scram.

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