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Danny's back in the security office, relating Shelly's entire tale of Crazy to Big Ed as the other man draws up Ray Duran's file for supporting evidence. He's got quite the dossier: a 1995 conviction for assault, followed by an extortion arrest in 1996 (he was acquitted), followed by a 1997 conviction for assault, and then "loan sharking," where he did five years of an 8-10 year sentence. Big Ed asks why Shelly owed Ray money. Danny replies, "She scammed him." And this excuse in no way made him wonder if perhaps he was next? He and Big Ed briefly discuss Shelly's lack of a record, and Big Ed brings up the possibility that Shelly was lying about her name. We then find out that Shelly's down in the conference room, and Big Ed's about to go down to talk to her. We also find out that Big Ed knows Danny showed her his badge, so to speak. I wonder how that conversation went.

Big Ed heads in to talk to Shelly and tells her, "You know, this situation we have here, it's got a lot of strange angles, Shelly." At least he seems immune to the Crazy. I bet Delinda and her antics provide a sort of acquired immunity to everyday Crazy. He continues, "For example, you know the girl you took for the phony chips? That was my daughter." Shelly quietly answers that she didn't know. Big Ed kind of shrugs: "Of course not. I mean, how -- how the heck could you? And I don't think you're that dumb." Shelly points out that dumb has nothing to do with Ray wanting to kill her. Big Ed replies, "So, assuming that we can find this, uh, creditor of yours, my plan is to…what? Convince him to forgive your debt?" Shelly's fine with that. Big Ed continues, "Then you and he will go your separate ways, and neither of you will ever darken the Montecito's doorways again." "Done," Shelly agrees. That will make it harder for her to keep seeing Da -- oh.

Cut to Sam hunting down Julio, who appears to be about 114, and taking advantage of his seeming senility to gull him into coming back to work. Well, nobody can accuse her of shirking the more unpleasant of her job duties.

Danny tracks down Ray on the security cameras. Once he confirms that Ray is indeed playing video poker -- and how much more fun would it be to have video dogs playing poker? Or a picture of dogs playing video poker? That would be funny. Oh, wait. Where was I? Oh, right: Danny identifies Ray as the guy in the black muscle tee, fresh off the set of I Love the Eighties, and orders security to watch him.

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