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The Mixing Bowl

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The Mixing Bowl

We're told that as the week progressed, Mike improved more and more, customers loved the new menu, and money was made. Then, to underscore the new healthy menu, Ramsay sponsored the "first ever Mixing Bowl Mile Run." And there we have Ramsay dancing around in really quite small running shorts. We might not have Ramsay chest tonight, but we do have Ramsay legs. Mike tells us how Ramsay was teasing him that an eight-year-old was outrunning him. As the show closes, we get a glimpse of Billy playing with his new friends, the Dragons, who are probably just as loquacious as he is, and we also see Ramsay yanking Billy out of the kitchen to bask in the glory and applause of his old customers in his new dining room.

Ramsay gives some hearty parting words of wisdom and tries to take his leave. However, Mike is in tears again as he glues himself gratefully to Ramsay, who rolls his eyes and acts embarrassed and ashamed. Mr. Voice-Over tells us that as the months followed, The Mixing Bowl continued to do well, and best of all? Lisa and Billy's marriage is flourishing.

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