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The Mixing Bowl

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The Mixing Bowl

A few hours before the restaurant reopens, Mike takes reservations and flips out about something. Lisa comments, "Okay, see this is why we need Xanax." I love how she said "we" and not "you." Like, clearly Mike needs it, but the staff could clearly do with a few hits as well when dealing with him. Night falls and the restaurant is fully booked. Problem is, the restaurant is too booked, so as the night starts up, too many customers show up at the same time and they have nowhere to sit. Ramsay pulls Mike aside to figure out what happened. "I handed over the reservation list to Kim and I'm not exactly sure what transpired since then," Mike says, passing the buck so fast, no one has time to make change. Also, "transpired"? Mike is so That Guy who pulls out his thirty-five cent words only when his gluteus maximus has been proffered to him on a filigreed salver. He's not exactly sure what the words mean, but he's hoping they give him a chance to escape while his audience is momentarily distracted by the fact that he even knows how to pronounce such big-boy words. Kim, the waitress, tells us she's never been in charge of reservations, so it's laughable that Mike was trying to put it all on her. Mike also tells us he doesn't think it was fair to blame only him. Ramsay tells them all to get it together and deal with the night's customers.

As the night wears on, Mike doesn't clear plates when he should, Ramsay tells him to wake up, and while the other servers handle three to four tables, Mike just takes care of his friends. In the kitchen, Mike makes snotty demands for various orders, which makes Ramsay swear at him in response and point out to Billy the Laryngitic that Mike can't handle a busy restaurant. A few hours go by and the New York Dragons show up for dinner. One huge player's puffy jacket threatens to graze on another customer as they meander around, waiting to be seated. They can't get seated, however, because Mike's an idiot and never put them in the reservation book. Loudly he proclaims his innocence, screaming, and pounding the counter until Ramsay finally throws him out of the restaurant to cool off. It all appears to take place in front of the entire restaurant because of the "subtle" cuts to listening customers, but from the lighting and other clues to anyone who has ever watched reality television, it is clear that this all happened after hours. The entire staff is shocked at how Mike popped off like that, and Billy the Not Getting It Ever finally crawls out of the kitchen to find out who is yelling at his wife. He tells us, "I don't go for that." As Mike paces outside, Ramsay tells Lisa and Billy that they need to get rid of Mike. However, unlike Mohammad, Billy the Congenitally Useless or Quite Possibly Camera-Shy decides to give Mike another chance to redeem himself. Mike comes back inside, and Ramsay tells him, "That was embarrassing," and tells him to put an end to such histrionics. Mike tells us, "I feel like I'm reborn again," which is repetitively redundant, and then sobs to us that they are going to build the "best damn restaurant that ever existed. Or at least in a twenty-five-mile radius." We are then led to believe that, after all of this, Mike gets tables together for the Dragons and all is well. Lynn, a waitress and Billy's sister, marvels that Mike said "thank you" to her for the first time ever. The staff celebrates with Champagne.

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