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It's Wednesday at 10: Do You Know Where Your Daughter Is?
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Previously on Kidnapped: There was a kidnapping. You'd think that would be fairly obvious from the show's title.

We begin this week, where we left off last week, with a ringing phone interrupting Knapp's morose introspection, while a title card informs us that it's "Day 3," presumably since Leo's abduction, though from the looks of it, maybe that's how long it's been since Knapp has changed his shirt. The phone rings again -- if you're thinking it's the kidnapper calling back, you're thinking wrong. When Knapp answers, the decidedly non-distorted voice on the other end of the line asks, "Knapp, is that you? Can we talk?" Knapp looks seriously troubled by this, like I imagine the person in all those "The call is coming from inside the house!" stories looks, only Knapp appears distressed because he recognizes the voice and not because he's the protagonist in a clichéd summer campfire story. "How'd you get this number?" Knapp asks, not unreasonably, since it's not like it's common knowledge that he's holed up at the Cains' place. Playing with a cigarette lighter, Mystery Caller makes some crack about letting his fingers do the walking and then launches into the taunting-about-a-shared-past portion of the phone call -- how he heard Knapp had to seek psychological counseling after their last encounter and whether Knapp ever "wonders about her... do you wonder if she's still alive? Maybe having her braces off first thing in the morning? Or did I put her in a box?" So I think we can safely make the assumption that our Mystery Caller here matched wits with Knapp in the past and came out ahead. Turns out Mystery Caller is also extremely well-versed in the ins and outs of Knapp's current assignment -- he gives a fairly accurate description of the Cains' go-go lifestyle, wonders about the bust-gone-bad in Brooklyn, and several other things that you can only know about if you're intimately involved in the case. (Or by scouring over the painstakingly detailed recaps available for your reading pleasure at Mystery caller continues with some more details that probably sound like nonsensical prattle, unless you've already skipped ahead in this episode. "Tell me about Zurich," Mystery caller says. "It's cold there. My parents used to take us to Switzerland when we were children. Verbier. So, any leads on the boy?" Knapp wants to know where Mystery Caller has been getting his information. "From the back of a baby's ear," he says, adding a request to stay in touch as he hangs up. And with that, Mystery Caller is led back to what appears to be a prison cell, flicking his Bic the whole way. As arch-enemies go, that's a fairly creepy one to have. Also annoying.

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