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It's time for nominations, as you can tell by the long line of kids stretching out the chapel door. Sophia nominates Alex. Olivia nominates Migle. So does Taylor. Hunter nominates Alex. Alex nominates Migle. Mallory nominates Jared, probably because supporting Olivia was starting to make her look bad.

And here comes Jared himself, groping his way into the room with his red stocking cap pulled down over his entire head and his glasses on the outside. I mean, he's not recognizable, but who else would do that? Freakin' brilliant, as DK said. The Council cracks up, and Jared nominates himself, saying he's been working harder and it would mean a lot to him. Zach also nominates himself, and he's quite emotional about it. In fact, he's fighting back tears as he tells the Council that this is his last chance, and he's been trying to do things that matter. Greg is openly smirking and chuckling, and the minute Zach is gone, he tells the Council that Zach's tears were for show. DK busts on Greg for being immature. More on that subject in a moment.

Cut to Zach, stumbling down the street and weepily ranting in subtitles about what just happened: "I don't care if people listen to me or not, show me some damn respect. They were just laughing and not even listening to me." Well, we only saw Greg doing that, but whatever. He has a way of pulling focus, after all. Back in the chapel, Greg is somewhat chastened (for Greg) as he denies laughing at Zach, but an irritated DK just wants to move on. Meanwhile, Zach is on the floor of the Yellow bunkhouse, working himself up into quite a tearful lather about what jerks the Council are. Finally, with a howl of rage, he gets up and heads back to the Chapel, vowing to do something about this. Uh, he's not armed, is he? Back at the Chapel, he goes right past the other kids who are still waiting and bursts in, telling the Council, "You guys are the most terrible people I've ever met in my life." Michael. "Whaaat?"

After the ads, Zach is yelling at the Council for laughing at him when he was trying to tell them something he was passionate about. Michael assures Zach that they take him seriously, but it's Greg -- the instigator, after all -- who calls Zach over and gives him props for his speech and assures him that he respects him. Greg hugs Zach, and Zach leaves, apparently satisfied. DK is still pissed at Greg for his two-facedness. DK interviews that Greg is full of it, and that Zach does deserve the Gold Star. Which is correct, and I'm not a big Greg fan, but DK could stand to give Greg credit for smoothing things over with Zach instead of regressing into his typical defensive asshole mode. Back in the meeting, Blaine points out that Zach has been working hard. "I forget that he's ten," Michael adds, speaking for many of us. On his way back, Zach seems satisfied that he accomplished what he set out to do. And nobody had to get shot. ["Yeah, I think appearing older than he is has actually hurt Zach -- you do forget he's ten; in fact, when I first looked up that he was ten, I was really surprised, because I'd been guessing more like thirteen. He's only a year older than Alex, after all, and looked at in that light, he's very, usually." -- Miss Alli]

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