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Day 37. Sophia stands outside the chapel ringing the bell, summoning everyone to their hot-air balloon rides. The kids come running, and a sweeping camera shot reveals five fully inflated hot-air balloons looming right behind the town. It's quite a sight. But that's five balloons for 33 kids, yet somehow they all not only fit into the gondolas (6.6 kids each), but also leave room for pilots and camera guys, without any of the latter getting into any of the shots. I suspect they went in shifts, not that you can tell from the editing. Mike interviews that he was nervous about falling out, but as the balloons go up a whopping hundred or so feet above the town, everyone starts screaming about the thrill of seeing Bonanza City from the same angle we see it from ten or twelve times a week during scene transitions. And Mike gets over his fear in a hurry. ["Seriously, not flying very high. I speculated that they were still tied to the ground for insurance purposes." -- Miss Alli]

By some crackerjack timing, the Council arrives back in town just as the balloons are coming back down. DK smilingly interviews that he was upset about missing out. As the balloons land, many hugs are exchanged, and the Council members tell their districts about what they did. Except they make it sound more interesting than it was, not that that's hard. I suppose it's possible that Michael told his teammates, "We pretty much just spent two days in a poorly-thought-out C-plot." Michael asks Sophia if there were any problems, and Sophia says no. She doesn't look entirely pleased to be out of power. DK congratulates everyone on their adventure, and calls them back into town to get to work.

This is Blue's first time as the Cooks, and Alex is rising to the challenge, making some kind of pastry. He thinks people will love them, not least because they're "hypoallergenic." Greg is impressed by Alex's intellect, and says he deserves the Gold Star. Whereupon Alex burns himself on the stove.

Red is busy getting the Saloon ready for business. Jared's contribution is to sweep all the dust and crap into a corner, and to babble about teleportation of small particles. Wow, does Jared really hate sweeping so much that he'd rather beam the dust out of there? DK is not only supervising, but standing there in awe of Jared's talk of subatomic matter. He asks if Jared could invent something like that with the Gold Star. Jared says he could go to college and get the education to invent it. DK interviews that Jared is "freakin' brilliant." Back in the Saloon, Jared talks about "a quantum energy matter conversion so that we go anywhere in the universe instantly without a spaceship." But wouldn't you kind of want one around you anyway when you get there? Just to help you stay warm, if nothing else?

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