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Time to reveal the first reward choice. Jonathan calls Laurel over to help him pull the tarp off an item about the size of a small car. It turns out to be a stone (or possibly plastic) monument, dedicated to Bonanza City and destined to stay in the town forever. Does Santa Fe County even have a historical society? I'm serious. The monument features the Kid Nation logo over some text, which Jonathan asks Laurel to read out loud: "On this site, in 2007, young pioneers came together to do what their forefathers could not: build a better world. They worked together, sacrificed together, cried together, but most importantly, they succeeded together. This monument commemorates their efforts and will forever stand here in Bonanza City: the world's first Kid Nation." The kids seem really touched and moved, and Laurel interviews that she was near tears. "I just know that the last day will be the saddest and happiest moment of my entire life," she says.

So let's see the second option: it's a hot-air balloon ride over Bonanza City. I was wondering when the hot-air balloons would show up. New Mexico is all about the hot-air balloons. They're on the license plates and everything. Zach interviews, "How cool is that?" and Migle interviews that there aren't a lot of hot-air balloon places in Chicago. Jonathan presents the choice: "You guys want to leave your mark and leave your legacy, or do you want a hot-air balloon ride to reflect on your time in Bonanza City?" Mike interviews basically the same thing: "Once in a lifetime or for all time." Jonathan asks Sophia what her choice is going to be. Sophia looks like she kind of regrets having won the reward.

After the commercials, Jonathan calls Sophia to join him in front of everyone and tell them what her decision is. Sophia talks about how the monument will be there for the rest of their lives and onward. So she's going with the balloons. Everyone cheers. Zach sings. "Sophia chose the hot-air balloons! Thank you Sophia!" like he's singing about how they got the mustard out. Jonathan tells them that new jobs and hot-air balloon rides start tomorrow. And since it's getting dark (even though the Showdown only took an hour and it's all they've done today), they'd better head back to town.

When night falls, there's a party in the Saloon. People make speeches and soda toasts, including Zach and Migle. We learn that Migle came all the way from Lithuania (not that you can tell from her accent), and she talks about how much they've done together. Guylan interviews that Migle has improved the most. Since Migle has been in about one episode, I think we'll have to take Guylan's word for it.

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