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Green leads its alpaca to its new home as Sophia interviews, "An alpaca is a cross between a sheep and a giraffe. I think." Guylan leads Red's alpaca, interviewing that he figured he had an advantage since his parents were elephant trainers and he's been around a lot of zoos. Indeed, he seems to be handling the alpaca better than he handled the shovel. Green and Red have their livestock in place as Blue erects its four walls, while Yellow only has one up. Which is not going to make for a very stable house, I hope they realize. Jonathan and the editors try to make it look like there's almost no distance between Red and Green as they "race" to finish, but since Green is shown calmly walking and Red is in a panicked charge, nobody's fooled. And Green is the Upper Class again. In an interview, Campbell nearly falls off his hay bale telling us how excited they were. Red gets to be the Merchants. There's only five minutes left, and Blue is just now sliding the roof of its house into place, but they still manage to get their animals and flag, finishing with minutes to spare.

It doesn't look so good for Yellow, who is still trying to connect its walls with only three minutes left. Zach interviews that despite knowing they would be Laborers no matter what, they were still determined to win the reward. Pharaoh interviews that Zach did a great job leading the team. As a demonstration, Zach bellows, "I will not be the reason why we lost this reward!" at his team as they finally get their four walls attached to one another. The other teams cheer Yellow on as they get their roof up into place. Only two minutes left, as they run back for their chickens, alpaca, and flag, which they seem to get all at once. They have only ten seconds left as they come up that hill to their homestead, but then the clock suspiciously disappears from the screen as they enter their yard and plant their flag, the other teams chanting "Yellow! Yellow!" the whole time. Did they make it? Jonathan stretches out the suspense, then announces they got the reward. I mean, he doesn't specifically say they made it in time, but since this is their last chance to foment rebellion against Sophia by making her pick the reward, they can't exactly let her off the hook by denying the town its reward, no matter how long it might have taken them to finish the task. Not that he says that, either. "No Greg, no Blaine, no DK or Michael, but you guys did it!" he congratulates them as everyone cheers.

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