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Go! The roof sections of these little houses come right off, but they're big, awkward, and heavy, even if they're just canvas stretched over a wood frame. Each District delivers its roof to the new homestead site, with Red in the lead and Green close behind, followed by Blue. Yellow, putting its roof down, accidentally tips it upside down onto its fence, which, amazingly, doesn't smash either item into kindling. So these are clearly not RW/RR Challenge-quality props. There are only forty minutes left at this point according to the clock on the screen, but we'll see how reliable that countdown is in a minute or forty. Red maintains its lead as they leave the starting point with one section of wall, but with Green splitting up to carry two walls at once, Red's lead won't last long. Yellow is attempting the same strategy, but with all the four girls carrying one wall. Genius. Not that Colton or Brett is a powerhouse, but still. We see the girls putting it down and sniping at each other about who's in the most pain from carrying the load halfway there. Red drops off its first wall, and Green delivers its first two, stealing the lead.

There's some interview talk from Guylan and Savannah (Red and Green, respectively) about how they didn't need the Council, but Yellow is hurting without Blaine. Which is not surprising. Think about it -- the oldest person on that team is big, strapping Kelsey, and it's not like she can move a slab of lumber by freaking out at it. Still, "The Yellow district will never give up, no matter what," Zach vows in an interview. Guylan interviews that Jared took the lead for Red, as we see them put a wall down on Jared's toe. Lead better, Jared. Green and Red both have all their walls by now, and they get to work rebuilding them. "It was basically a pain in the butt," Michael interviews, although since the walls are simply held together with bungee cords and hooks, I don't know how it could have been any easier. Velcro, maybe? Alex takes a fall for Blue, but gets right back up. "Personally, I think that nine-year-olds rock," interviews fellow nine-year-old Mallory. They've got twenty minutes left, according to the clock, which expects us to believe that two of the teams delivered all their walls in the same amount of time it took to carry their roofs. I think not. Green maintains its lead, pretty much finished with building their house by the time Yellow arrives with the last piece of theirs. Now Green has to run back and get their livestock. Red is right behind them. Yellow's getting nowhere with the construction, but Migle is taking the lead for Blue and they're making good progress. The Yellow district seems to be bucking for a change to the Yelling district, because that's about all they're doing now.

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