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Meanwhile, the Council hikes across the high desert, looking like a teenaged, color-coded version of the four guys who set out from Boulder to Las Vegas near the end of The Stand. Which one of these four do you think will survive (spoiler!)? They speculate on how Sophia's going to do, and Michael's poorly-placed body mic distorts his voice as he says they kind of gave her a lot to deal with. "If anyone, she's the one who can handle it," Greg says confidently. After a hike of uncertain length, they reach what looks like a small encampment just as it starts spitting down rain. There's some brief confusion about the difference between and igloo and a teepee (we're looking at a couple of the latter, just to be clear), and the boys approach a group of Native Americans, some of whom are dancing and singing in traditional dress. Michael figures that's where they're supposed to be. And he's probably right, but how awesome would it have been if they'd run into some anti-government kooks who wanted to give them tips about living off the grid and arming themselves for the apocalypse? The chief (wearing modern clothes and glasses) introduces himself, telling them that he and his people belong to the Pueblo nation, and Michael says they're honored to be there. Later, inside one of the teepees, the Council picks the chief's brain about how to deal with children who don't listen. The chief advises them to always offer support, because children are the future. A woman in the teepee with them tells them to set an example. For this they had to leave town for two days.

Back at Bonanza, Sophia's still doing her rounds, telling everyone that she's hoping to have the arcade open as soon as the stores are in order and the dishes are started. Migle interviews that she was worried at first, but now she thinks Sophia's doing a good job. Sophia tells us, "I think that I haven't gotten any crap because I haven't given anybody any crap." She tells the kitchen staff (Yellow) to do as many dishes as they can in the next ten minutes, and then she'll open the arcade. It seems to work. Kelsey interviews that it's not as loud with the Council gone. Which is funny, because unlike Kelsey, most members of the Council at least have indoor voices. And then Sophia checks out the Saloon, and seems satisfied. She interviews that they've got the rusty wheels oiled, and then we see her go out on the Saloon's balcony and announce from on high that the arcade is open. So that's where everyone goes, right that second.

Sophia has a little talk with Taylor, having noticed that Taylor's actually been working. Taylor says something about Greg not noticing when she works. How could anyone not notice Taylor working? That's what you call a "man bites dog" story. Hell, that's a "man bites God" story. Taylor mildly says, "When they come back from their hike of getting ideas and all, I just hope [Greg] gets lost on top of a mountain and a pack of coyotes come and eat him." Except this is actually Taylor's way of saying something nice, which is that she thinks Sophia's doing a better job than Greg. Sophia takes the compliment in the spirit it's intended, and they hug. Sophia does not carry Taylor into the arcade, however.

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