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At over three minutes, the previouslies are kind of long for a show that's only on its second episode. I guess they have to bring us up to speed on all the stuff we missed during pee breaks last week because there were no damn commercials.

It's Day 5, and the Yellow team is collecting eggs from the chicken coop. We learn that the town is the proud owner of 18 chickens -- for now (spoiler!). There's a moment where everyone wants to touch an egg that's still warm from the chicken's egg-chute, but the kid holding it is all overprotective of it, to the point where I'm sure he's going to "protect" it into a crackly, slimy mess. Taylor interviews about how handy it is that so many of the kids come from farms, and we meet Emilie of the Red District, who is nine years old and from Nevada. She tells us that her parents have ten acres, and she claims that she breaks wild mustangs. She…does? I again refer you to the fact that she is nine. Perhaps she uses psychology.

It's time for the Town Council to have some quality time in the chapel with the old "Pioneer Journal." The journal's anonymous writer, who was totally an actual nineteenth-century prospector who lived in the real Bonanza City and not some CBS production assistant who happens to write in extremely large and even calligraphy while using the past tense, commiserates with them over their limited diet. The journal asks, "You brought chickens with you, right?" That sounds a bit anachronistic. I wish Al Swearengen had written the Pioneer Journal: "From the fact that you sawed-off hoopleheads managed to scrape up the fuckin' wherewithal to tote your sorry carcasses to this accursed shithole, one assumes you arranged for some avian fuckin' companionship. Is that not so, you stunted little cocksuckers?" The Council members read that chickens can produce more food than just eggs, if you know what the Pioneer Journal means. And just in case you don't, it now asks, "Do you want to serve them up for dinner?" The Council exchanges horrified looks. Alarmed Mike! Alarmed Taylor! Alarmed Laurel! Very alarmed chicken! Hee.

Back from commercial, Sophia -- who just can't stay away from the kitchen, even though it's officially not her gig any more -- sums up the menu thusly: "All we have is what you can can, and that's kind of disgusting." She gives us a little tour of the stores, which include giant tins of corn, tomatoes, tomato juice, baked beans, and apples. Canned apples? Funny, I call that "pie filling."

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