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Blaine is trying to wake up his new teammates, including his Council leader, whom he calls "Zachariah." He says that there's no one awake to run the stores. Sitting up blearily in his bunk, Zach promises to be there in five minutes. "That's why you guys are known as the lazy district," Blaine says unsympathetically. "I don't think we're known as the lazy district," Zack says lazily. Blaine doesn't just wake people; once they're up and at their posts, he assumes a leadership role. He instructs Kelsey on getting the candy store organized, and the amazing thing is that she pleasantly chirps her agreement. Zach, on the other hand, "not my job"s at Colton about something. Kelsey interviews that Blaine would make a better Council leader than Zach. Kelsey is not usually a subtle communicator, and her foreshadowing is no exception.

In the Blue district, Emilie is working out quite well. She's even washing dishes in the kitchen, even though she's Upper Class. Damn, what did the Red district do to her, anyway?

And then it's night again, and Randi is again weeping to Taylor about how she wants to go home. Taylor tells her they only have twelve more days to go, presumably because the world will be all built then. Greg happens along and steps up, because crying girls are his Kryptonite. He tells Randi that she's never going to have an experience like this again and not to let herself down. And then the fifteen-year-old boy picks up the twelve-year-old girl and carries her to her bed, tucking her in in her clothes and her coat. He interviews that when he was little, his parents used to do that for him when he was sad. I bet they stopped before he was twelve, though. Randi interviews that she can go to Greg next time she's homesick. "He can sometimes be a big jerk, but he can be a good guy sometimes," she says. Yes, and it all depends on who's crying in his presence.

Day 28 already. The Council is taking nominations for the Gold Star. Morgan nominates Blaine, saying he's nicer when he's away from Greg (Blaine arc (b)). Sophia nominates Hunter. We get a rare shot of two contenders actually talking to each other, as Hunter and Blaine carry water together and speculate on who's going to win tomorrow. Hunter says a lot of people have a good chance, including Blaine. Blaine returns the compliment. Back in the nomination meeting, they seem to be running neck and neck, at least based on the five or so votes we get to see. The Council agrees that Hunter does his jobs and other peoples', but the new Greg-free Blaine is less, to use Zach's word, "beastly" (there's (b) again). We'll have to wait until after the commercial to see which way it goes.

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