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Too Good To Be True

Outside, Zach is being...not very nice. To an audience of boys from the Green team (Michael, Campbell, and Eric), he cries and moans mockingly. He interviews that this happens with someone every night, and he thinks it's ridiculous. Although Michael is encouraging Zach's antics in the darkened street, he gives a daytime interview in which he says he's "concerned for the mental state of the Yellow District. They can't seem to get it together." With the combined sensitivity of Zach and Taylor? How is that possible?

The eastern sky is just getting light on Day 27 when Hunter gets up, leaves his bunkhouse, and starts cleaning. Laurel interviews about how Hunter's such an early bird as Hunter complains about the mess outside his bunkhouse. Is that dirty underwear on the porch? Ew. I'm with Hunter. Meaning I'm with him in his disapproval, not with him in his willingness to scoop up other kids' grundies. He's on his own there. Laurel says that the reason Hunter doesn't have a Gold Star is that it's so hard to stand out on a team as awesome as hers. And the little "Gold District" celebration is only going to make it harder for anyone to want to reward her district any further. Meanwhile, Hunter has been joined in his pre-dawn domestics by (who else?) Nathan, who agrees that people are slobs. Hunter interviews that his dad's been unemployed for a year, but has remained positive and has continued to work hard while teaching Hunter a good work ethic. Can't ask for more than that. Hunter tells Nathan that people will appreciate the way they got up early to clean up the town. Okay, so maybe Hunter's dad isn't finished teaching him stuff after all.

Later, Sophia comes and finds Guylan doing laundry. She apologizes, quite sincerely, it seems, for what she said to Guylan the day before. She looks pretty upset. Guylan accepts the apology, and they share a hug. I don't mean to say that I don't appreciate the impulse to apologize, because I do; it doesn't come easy, especially when you're this young. But if you're going to take a jab at someone in front of people like Sophia did, and like Mike did with Nathan earlier, then a more public apology would seem to be called for. Guylan interviews that if he had it to do over again, he wouldn't run for Town Council. Congratulations to Kid Nation for turning an enthusiastic, confident kid into a jaded, worn-down laundry boy who will never aspire to another leadership position of any kind for as long as he lives. They're building a world!

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