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So where does the equality come in? Well, the teams have to drag a total of a ton -- a ton -- of rocks in order to win the reward for the town. "Five hundred pounds each," says resident math whiz Sophia. Jonathan adds that you can't go back for more rocks once you cross the starting line. "So," Jonathan asks, "are you going to be the District that carries their weight to help Bonanza City win the reward? Or are you going to carry as little as possible to race to become the Upper Class? It's totally up to you. How fair are you guys?" Well, when you put it that way. I should also point out that at the loading stage of the course, each team is separated from the others by a high partition, so that there's no way of knowing how much the team next to you has loaded into their sled. There's also no way of knowing how much you loaded into your sled, because there's no scale at the starting line and the rocks aren't labeled by weight. And keep in mind that the sleds themselves aren't exactly Tupperware. Looks like the producers' thumbs are on the scale here. Yes, I know that metaphor is a bit heavy-handed. Yes, I know I just did it again.

Go! Laurel starts by reminding her team that they can't add rocks, but they can take them out, so they should start by overloading and then jettisoning whatever they can't shift. Good plan. The other teams are loading up as well. The bottom of Yellow's sled is barely covered, but some of them want to get going already. Blaine reminds them that they're also trying to win the reward for the town. "Don't worry about the town!" Taylor yells back at him. That's our girl. Always finding new and innovative ways to be lazy. She's like the secret love child of Lindsay Bluth Fünke and Beetle Bailey. As Yellow's leader, Zach agrees with Blaine, and Taylor throws down the tow rope, screaming that she can't pull that much. Oh, go home then. Christ. Blue finishes loading and heads out first. They've got good momentum going, and Jonathan asks everyone if Blue is just trying to get Upper Class. Mike interviews, "How many rocks did they take? Like...two?" Mike's certainly getting a lot of interview time this episode. Yellow heads out onto the course, Jonathan commenting that Blaine seems to be in charge. Green starts pulling, but their sled is too heavy, so they have to ditch some of the load. They may be ditching too much too fast. Guylan interviews that his team wanted to get as many rocks as possible to try to win the reward. Green is now light enough to get going. Maybe too light. Finally, Red starts moving, slowly. Blue has reached the first obstacle, a half-buried log that they heave the sled over. "Greg's got something to prove!" Jonathan remarks as Greg anchors the haul through a field of barrels. Yellow hits the log next, as Zach interviews that having a big new member like Blaine came in pretty handy. Green and Red are still behind, as Nathan and Mike both interview that Nathan tried his hardest.

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