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Afterwards, Mike goes and takes Nathan aside and apologizes for the behavior of himself and his whole team. Nathan interviews that Mike's gesture made him feel good, as we see Mike tying Nathan's red bandanna over the sleeve of Nathan's bomber jacket, in a gesture that is totally organic and spontaneous and not at all for the cameras.

And now it's time to pump up the teams for the Showdown. Anjay is trying to motivate his Blue team with a story about the Titanic, which may not be the best analogy to use here. Greg starts mocking Anjay mercilessly, but as soon as Anjay asks Greg if he knows what a metaphor is, Greg tells Anjay that he'll hit him in the face if he insults him one more time. Greg can dish it out but he can't take it. Greg dares Anjay to do it. I wait for Anjay to take off his glasses and call Greg a prick. But instead I get commercials. That's probably wise, because as one forum poster put it, Anjay's bones are still forming.

Anjay's still standing when we get back from the break, so presumably he didn't take Greg up on his dare. Anjay tells his team that he tried to do what was best for the whole town, and he begs them to come together as a team. Emilie looks back and forth between Anjay and Greg, like, "What have I gotten into?" Greg's expression looks like it might be softening, like he's ready to agree to a truce. But Olivia is too invested in Anjay's failure as a leader to allow that. So she blares, "Blaine was his best friend and you allowed him to be traded." Anjay flounders some more, and Olivia orders him to make them feel better. "Or sit there and scratch your head," she mocks, when Anjay sits there scratching his head. He tries to get back to the task of motivating the team, but only gets mocked some more for how sad he looks. I don't think Olivia's alone any more on that. Mallory thinks it's time for Anjay to "move out of the Council." Somehow he gets them through a power circle, and afterward he cries outside the bunkhouse, saying, "Today I lost what amount of support I had…I can't do anything more." Anjay needs to play to his strengths more. Spell "prestidigitation" and watch them be won over!

So from that downer moment, we're supposed to transition to the excitement of a Showdown. As the kids gather on the field, Jonathan starts out by remarking to Blaine that he's separated from Greg. JUST RIP OUT GREG'S STILL-BEATING HEART FROM HIS CHEST AND SHOW IT TO HIM, WHY DON'T YOU? So insensitive. Blaine, for his part, says something noncommittal. Jonathan notices that Green's lineup hasn't changed, and Laurel goes into a whole speech that strikes me as a little rehearsed, and not a little defensive: "I thought my District was perfectly fine the way it was. I stood up for my District. Maybe if no one else likes it, too bad, the other Councilors should have stood up too." She's not wrong, but she needs to dial it back. Three teams -- and their leaders -- boo. Jonathan hauls out this week's theme club for a mighty swing: equality and fairness, which is, of course, what this Showdown is about. He explains that each District needs to fill up a big mining sled -- think of those roller-coaster buckets from Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom, only these suckers don't have tracks or even wheels -- with color-coded rocks, and then drag the laden sled through the obstacle course laid out before them. Whoever finishes first gets to be Upper Class and so on.

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