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Too Good To Be True

So let's see how things ended up. In the mess hall, the Council takes its Journal-announcement position. Laurel informs them that they've "decided to mix you guys all up." There is general protest, and Greg is, like, physically shielding Blaine from the Council, like they're going to scoop him up and spirit him away. Guylan starts out smooth, saying to his district, "No offense to any of you, but I think we need some intellectual people." "Heeeey," Jared snarls, speaking what everyone on his team is thinking. Mike points out in an interview that everyone is smart, or they wouldn't be there. I don't know; it seems to me like the actual smart thing for most of these kids to do would have been to stay home. In any case, Guylan drafts Nathan. Markelle complains that Nathan isn't a team player, and is weird. He doesn't point out that his team already has a Jared. Anjay says he's taking on Emilie, since she doesn't get along with her District. Red seems happier about losing her than Blue does about gaining her. Emilie goes and hugs all the girls on her new District, who are all like, "Get off me, girly, I'm not a chicken." Zach is next, and he lies that while he loves everyone on the Yellow District, they need a little manpower, so he's taking Blaine. General consternation, especially from Greg, who practically sits on Blaine to try to prevent him from leaving. Blaine is much more sanguine about the change, interviewing that while he didn't really want to leave, he knew Yellow needed help and so decided to go quietly. "You're comin' back," Greg seethes. Greg is heartbroken, completely in denial. Now it's Laurel's turn. She says this is the hardest decision she's had to make, but she's one. Most of the Green team is thrilled (with the apparent exception of Michael), but Greg starts yelling that it's not fair that Laurel gets to keep all of her people. Taylor agrees with Greg. Greg wants Blaine back, and calls Anjay a traitor. He interviews that if he'd been on the Council, he wouldn't have let Laurel get away with it. And indeed, Anjay basically traded the town's number-two workhorse and no-sleep OCD boy for lazy, snotty PETA girl. Nice trade, Anjay. You've proved yourself, all right. As the meeting breaks up, Greg tells Blaine to throw the next Showdown. Blaine pretty much blows him off. Oh, and Greg hates Laurel too.

Afterward, Greg goes and bitches at Anjay for getting rid of Blaine when Laurel has the strongest team. Anjay doesn't really have an answer, except to back away when he sees that Greg's tossing an empty bottle up and down. Blaine packs up and moves down to the Yellow bunkhouse, bright-siding in an interview that he's going to get a lot more credit for the things he does now that he'll be out of Greg's shadow. But Greg's like, "My shadow's coming with you, dude." Seriously, Greg packs up all his shit and tries to move into Yellow along with Blaine. Zach kicks him out, and Colton tells Zach he's glad they didn't get Greg. Heh. Greg stomps back, yelling over his shoulder at the Yellow bunkhouse, in front of which Blaine sits and watches him, saying, "I think he's crazy." And not good at handling breakups.

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