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Jonathan notices that the rain has stopped, which makes me think about how long these Town Hall meetings probably really are. Time to give out the Gold Star. The Council confers, and then designated Gold Star winner announcer Zach stands up. He talks about what a tough decision it was, but the Council decided that Blaine deserved it. The whole barn erupts in cheers. Well, except for Hunter. Before heading up to accept the star from Jonathan, Blaine gets a hug from Greg, in the seat behind him. Or maybe Greg's just trying to prevent Blaine from leaving him again. Up front, a shaking Blaine thanks the Council, saying he loves them. Laurel interviews that Blaine is a hard worker. "I like his hair and I love his personality," she says. Blaine thanks the town, and accepts the key to the phone barn from Jonathan. But there's something else they have to do before Blaine can go call home.

So Jonathan asks how many people approve of the job the Council is doing, which is not usually the last order of business. Only one hand goes up. That hand does not have a Gold Star in it, but it belongs to someone whose other hand does. So who disapproves? Aside from Blaine, it's unanimous. 32 hands are in the air. "That hurt," Laurel says. Jonathan tells the Council, "That is the cost of doing business. You made tough choices, and that's the result." Because it's not like he can say, "Boy, we sure pulled the rug out from under you smug little fuckers, didn't we, heh heh heh?" So Jonathan asks the town if they think it's time for another election. Everyone but the Council members seems to think that's a great idea, judging by all the cheering and clapping. So Jonathan holds up a stack of ballot cards and says, "It's reelection time!" Already? Right now? No campaigning or anything? Everyone's amazed, myself included. This is such brazen tampering -- manipulate the Council into doing something unpopular, and then drop an election into their lap with no warning. Jonathan asks who wants to run against the Council. The first hand to go up is DK's, for Red. DK interviews that he could be a pretty good District leader. No argument there. Blaine's hand shoots up for Yellow. "I get things done," he interviews. Of course, Greg wants to challenge Anjay for Blue. Greg smiles evilly up at the Council table, so we can all get a good look at the braces he'll be picking bits of Anjay out of as of this time next week. Anjay already knows he's screwed. Sophia is sitting there with her mouth hanging open, and she interviews that "I was shocked and dismayed. 'Oh my God, we're all going to die,' basically?" So is Laurel running unchallenged again? Nope. Up goes Michael's hand. Laurel looks at him, shocked and betrayed. Someone does not like to be challenged. Michael just sort of smiles naughtily at her. "What's there to say?" Laurel asks Jonathan.

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