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The Greg Administration
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Where were we? Oh, right, the Town Council meeting, where Jonathan has just announced that it's Election Day -- right now, this second. Jeez. Jonathan puts Zach right on the spot, telling Zach he needs to make his campaign speech, as in, immediately. This even seems abrupt to me, and I've had a week to get used to the idea. Zach starts out by saying that he loves his job. "You suck at it," Taylor volunteers. Zach ignores this and goes on to say that he's progressed, and will do better given more time. As the challenger for the Yellow district's seat on the Council, Blaine's rebuttal is about motivating, which he says he'll do better than the current Council does. For the Red team, Guylan's speech is simple: "Please vote me off." Guylan, you'll recall, has had a noseful of Council life. Jonathan says it looks like DK will be getting the seat, and no one objects. So that's DK on the Council, although he doesn't take the seat right now, from some reason. He interviews that he is all about teamwork. So we'll see how that goes. It's Green's turn. For her speech, Laurel perches on the Council table and says she thinks she's been doing a good job and hopes they all agree. Her challenger, Michael, comes up and says he just wanted to test himself, and thinks he can make Bonanza City a better place. Blue is last, and Anjay's speech is the speech of someone who's already been defeated; he comes off apologetic and desperate and begging for a second chance. As Anjay's challenger, Greg's speech addresses his own "bad past"; he says he wants to show that he's not a bad guy. "Vote for me," he summarizes. Sophia interviews that she's not a big fan of Greg, and was scared for the future of Bonanza. All twelve days of it.

So now it's time to vote. After the ballot boxes are filled, Guylan gives up his Council seat to DK, amid general happiness. Mike interviews that he was ambivalent about Guylan voting himself out; on the one hand, he was sympathetic, but on the other, he was like, "Yeah, not so easy, is it?" Jonathan gives the results for Green: Michael has won, 6-3. That's kind of a wide margin, considering how effective and popular Laurel has been. Everyone hugs Michael, while Hunter looks serious. But in case you think that means he's unhappy about the results, he interviews that he voted for Michael because he thought Laurel was losing her focus. Laurel looks pretty bummed, now sitting down there on the front-row bench with the rest of the commoners. The results for Yellow are close: it's 5-4, in favor of Blaine. As Blaine and Zach hug up front, Zach says into Blaine's ear, "This job sucks, but you'll love it." Zach interviews that he thought he was doing a pretty good job for a ten-year-old, but apparently not good enough. Kind of ironic how he drafted the person who ended up taking his seat. And the vote for the Blue district isn't a surprise; it's 7-2 for Greg. Olivia models a new bitchface. Anjay congratulates Greg and says he did what he thought was best for the whole town. And there's a second Olivia bitchface in scarcely as many seconds. She's awfully smug, considering that seven people total have challenged Council members in elections and she's the only one out of all of them who lost. Anjay gives up his seat as we get an interview with the other person who voted for him: Alex, who says that Anjay was dong fine. At least Anjay won the votes of all of Blue's intellectuals. From his new spot up front, Greg says he imagines that everyone's thinking, "Oh, my God, Bonanza City's gonna burn." And then he promises to try to be the best Council leader ever. Jonathan introduces the new Council: Greg, Michael, DK, and Blaine. "So now Greg and Blaine are both Council members," Mike interviews. "That is a scary thought." Fellow ex-Council member Laurel is even more blunt: "Bonanza City is going to crash and burn."

After the credits, let's catch up with Laurel and Sophia in the kitchen. Sophia is starting to explain how she feels, but finally gives up and says, "What else do I need to say? Greg and Blaine are on the Council!" Laurel agrees that the two of them together are bad news. "I feel like someone just won a presidential election with no background check," says Sophia. Believe me, it's not any better when everyone knows all about the guy and votes for him anyway.

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