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"I'm the village idiot? You're the village idiot!"
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It's nighttime at the Bonanza Saloon. Greg appears to have recovered from his disappointment at losing the gold star, because he's in quite a cheerful mood as he congratulates everyone for working hard. Then he drinks what seems to be some kind of depth charge. Nice. All the nine-year-olds are getting a crash course in how to drink at a university level. In an interview, Mike says they all need one night to just "party on, baby!" and we see him cut loose by chugging a sarsaparilla or turnip juice or whatever they've got there.

There's a piano, and some kid appears to be playing it, but all we hear is the pseudo-saloon piano over the soundtrack. "Man needs his root beer!" crows Cody in an interview. Cody is nine.

Not everyone's partaking in the fun, though. Olivia, 12, and her sister Mallory, 8, of Indiana, are hanging out in their sleeping bags with chicken-lover Emilie, waiting for the ruckus to die down so they can get some sleep. Olivia explains that they have a showdown the next day and she wants to get a good night's sleep. In another interview, Mallory says they can't build their society without laws; that's why this town was abandoned in the first place. Don't be too impressed by her insight; this interview clearly comes after all the law-and-order talk that comes tomorrow.

For the rebuttal: Sophia, chugging a soda and high-fiving someone in the saloon. Checkmate.

The next day dawns much too soon for all the kids nursing their soda hangovers. The town council rings the bell and yells for everyone to get up. Taylor screams that they've got jobs to do, which is a little rich coming from her. A bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Mallory gets dressed while the rest of the girls in her bunkhouse complain. "That's what you get for staying up all night," she self-righteously says in an interview.

Greg contributes to the wake-up call by smacking baking pans together and putting himself in severe danger of being hit by a shoe, or maybe something even heavier. Jared especially is unimpressed, as he and his unruly mess of bed-head only got four hours' sleep.

The council decides to consult the "journal" which was "left" by the "pioneers." Taylor explains this in an interview, and seems to believe it's authentic. Or maybe it's like when you've figured out there is no Santa Claus but pretend for a little while longer for your parents' sake? I think it's significant that the one explaining about the journal is the youngest and most likely to believe in its legitimacy. Anyway, you'll never believe this, but the problems outlined in the journal -- townspeople spending all their money and staying at the saloon all hours -- mirror exactly what's going on in the Bonanza City 2007 remix!

Greg has gone from banging pans to actually rolling over the other kids to wake them up. One girl threatens violence if he comes back in.

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