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Taking Out The Trash
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Even the previouslies think Taylor is a jerk now. With all the controversy over child labor and child endangerment and child exploitation, we totally forgot to worry about the ethics of giving a ten-year-old the asshole edit.

It's Day 17, and Laurel and Anjay are welcoming Zach and Guylan to the Council by having them up at the butt-crack of dawn to ring the bell and wake up the town. Guylan confidently interviews that he's going to do a great job as the new Red Leader, and Zach is rather more obnoxious, doing a little celebratory song and dance for the interview cameras. At least none of the other kids are around to see it, presumably. Zach gets the honor of ringing the big bell. Inside the Yellow girls' bunkhouse, Taylor sits up in her sleeping bag and literally screams. "I'm sorry, I'm going to complain," she says, suddenly dressed, up, and stomping toward the bunkhouse door. She interviews that she plans to get Zach back. We see her approaching the bell-ringing council with her wingmen Kelsey and Leila. And apparently to her, the equivalent of Zach telling her to work more and be less rude is for her to tell Zach how many people hate him and make fun of his alleged unibrow (for the record, Zach does not have a unibrow). Laurel shoos the Mini-Heathers away and assures Zach that Taylor's simply acting out of jealousy and humiliation. Not a sublimated crush? Zach, of course, already knows what Laurel is telling him. "I win," he interviews.

But what has he won? Bonanza City appears to be turning into an environmental disaster -- huge mud puddles, trash barrels overflowing with empty food cans, and that increasingly grody little yard right next to the cookhouse where they've apparently been throwing everything they don't eat. After 17 days, that's got to be getting rank, even despite the cold. The rats seem to like it, though. Clearly they haven't seen Ratatouille. DK worries that the discarded food might attract something larger and more dangerous, like a coyote or perhaps Governor Richardson. Sophia interviews, "Bonanza is disgusting." Which is kind of rich, because if they'd kept disposing of their scraps the way Sophia was at the beginning, the dump would be in the middle of the street right in front of the kitchen instead of discreetly tucked away next door. Meanwhile, a rat stands up and indignantly squeaks, "Disgusting? My home this is!"

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