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Big thanks to Daniel for doing such an awesome job filling in last week. As a fellow parent, I'm sure he's also looking forward to the day when we can make our kids help us with these things.

On Day 11, Sophia and Morgan are heading to the pump to fetch water. Which is weird, because I thought that was the Red team's job now, and both these girls are on the Green team. And there's no way a reality show would edit scenes out of sequence to make them fit the week's theme, right? Morgan's got weightier matters on her mind, namely whether God put them there for a reason. Whoa. Heavy. Even heavier is that Sophia says she stopped believing in God a while ago. She says Morgan is sweet for thinking Sophia's there for a reason. Morgan says, however, that she hasn't yet figured out her own reason, and thus doesn't deserve to be there. Like, on Earth? Morgan, dude, you're twelve. Cut yourself some slack. Sophia agrees with me (as she so often does), telling Morgan, "You're the nicest person here. I think that's good enough of a reason."

Meanwhile, in the Red team's bunkhouse, a religious discussion of a different kind is underway, as Jared confesses to Guylan (11, still from Massachusetts) that being Jewish has made him something of a target at school. You know, I suspected that Jared was the kind of child who gets grief from the other kids, and I also had an idea he might be Jewish, but it never occurred to me to think those two theories might be related. But then, I don't know which part of Georgia he's from. In an interview, Guylan says he doesn't want religion to be a big part of Bonanza City.

But in the mess hall, things are already -- if not conveniently -- splitting along religious lines. Specifically, Colton is asking Eric why he and his fellow Jews don't celebrate Christmas. Eric asks if that's a serious question, and he seems prepared to give Colton the benefit of the doubt until Zach relays Colton's version of the Hanukah story, which he apparently performed for Zach earlier. All I will say about that is that it's rather disrespectful, and includes the non-Hebrew phrase "whoop-de-doo." Zach interviews that religion is something that people have fights about. Which is reasonable, given that we just saw him kind of instigating one.

In the chapel, the Council is looking over the Ye Olde Pioneer Journal. "The town doesn't really like what the journal usually has to say," Laurel interviews. They sit down and start reading as the supposedly dead pioneer claims that since Bonanza City version 1.0 was so busy, nobody took the time to stop, think, and pray, which led to fighting. Yes, I'm sure that was the cause, and an hour or so in the chapel every week would have helped the original pioneers endure prickish weather and impending starvation with much more equanimity, at least until they started fighting over the communion wafers. Or, as Al Swearengen might have said, "Churchgoin' ain't advisable in a town where getting down on your knees is an invitation to some cocksucker to stick a knife through the top of your fuckin' hat."

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