Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

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Various soldiers are interviewed talking about how much having Kathy there lifts morale. Jase and his little girl Kylee come over and get their picture taken. One of the chaplains comes over and tells Kathy that she needs to do five push-ups for each bad word that she said. Kathy jokes that she knows she's going to Hell, and she'll miss him when he's in Heaven. Nick rolls up and jokes that he's going to sign autographs and then calls Kathy skinny. Kathy interviews that when she goes home, instead of thinking about the show and the jokes, she'll be thinking about all the people that she met and their touching stories.

Back in L.A., Kathy goes over to her buddy Michael McDonald's house, because they went to Iraq together. Kathy gives him a big hug and then tells him about her experiences at Walter Reed. She says that one-on-one, the guys were willing to joke around, but then she found out that there were four chaplains and children in the audience. And there were also walkouts. Michael wonders why Kathy can't adjust her set to her audience, and Kathy claims that she's an artist, like Rodin, and no one would have told Rodin to turn "The Thinker" into "The Talker." Kathy wants to hug again when they leave, and Michael is all weirded out and tells Kathy that she hugs like a robot, so she punches him in the balls and leaves.

Kathy concludes that all of her experiences have made her realize how lucky she is. She has her mom, her assistants, and the fun she had with Woz. She looks forward to next year, which might include new countries, new awards, and possibly even a new romance. Kathy wants us to wait and see. I will, Kathy! I totally will.

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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List




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