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Suck It, Team Griffin! People Love the Emmy!

Kathy next has an interview with the Department of Defense magazine, and claims that for once, she doesn't care about the press, since that's not why she's there.

Lt. Col. Todd takes Team Griffin to see the state-of-the-art rehab facility for a tour. Nearly all of the patients inside the gym are amputees, many of them double amputees. The guy giving the tour shows off some of the high-tech stuff. Kathy talks to one guy who was on his first tour of Iraq, and only there for a month when he got injured in an incident that killed two others. The guy is totally cheerful and psyched about his new high-tech legs. Kathy jokes with him that he needs to walk to her show, and she doesn't want to hear about him getting carried over by pretty nurses.

Kathy spots Jase, Susan's husband. She confesses that she left a Post-It on his mirror, and that it was meant to be funny. She convinces him to come to her show, then goes and introduces herself to a dude who's working out. She tries to use the military lingo and he just laughs at her. Kathy interviews that everyone she talks there needs to stay for months and years. Kathy then meets and talks to a guy who was in the military for twenty-four years, and confesses that he was having a bad day yesterday but he's better today. He's been having phantom pain, which makes it difficult to sleep. Kathy is once again overwhelmed by the strength of the people there. In an interview, Kathy chokes up a little bit as she says that it's a privilege to meet these people and learn about their coping mechanisms, and she's going to have her private crying time but never let them see her upset. She's there to make them laugh.

Kathy continues to accost the people she sees in the hallways, with a special focus on the wives and girlfriends, because she knows that they have a tough row to hoe as well. Now she's just walking around outside and asking soldiers sitting at bus stops to come to the show. Then Kathy decides to go and try to figure out what makes these guys laugh. She meets up with Nick, who just got his fifth concussion, and has a tattoo that says "Fuck Me I'm Irish." Kathy bonds over being Irish, and afterwards, Kathy breathes a sigh of relief that he was able to joke about his injuries. She meets another guy who put decals on his plastic leg, which Kathy takes as a good sign that he has a dark sense of humor. One guy talks about tattoos, and Kathy makes Jessica show off her partial sleeve. This leads to everyone showing off their tattoos. Kathy is psyched to hear that these guys have kind of a sick sense of humor, especially when one of the guys reminds her that he hopes to watch the video of his foot getting blown off. Kathy concludes the visit by letting Nick give her a wheelchair ride. Kathy confesses that they are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List




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