Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

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Kathy asks Paris to demonstrate how she would get a "cute, model-y boy" to come take their picture, and Paris just calls out "Hey, sexy! Would you come take our picture with this camera phone?" She claims to be using a baby voice, but it's just the same as her usual voice. Kathy freaks the boy out by talking about his penis.

Now it's the part of the show where Kathy makes her special guest calls someone she couldn't get on the phone herself. Paris considers Katy Perry, but she's on tour. How about Snoop Dogg? Kathy is enchanted! Until she hears Snoop's hold music. Snoop eventually answers and Paris starts talking that Fizzle-Dizzle language that I'm pretty sure not even Snoop understands half the time. Snoop's having a dinner with a glass of Kool-Aid and sounds like a pretty good sport, even when Kathy insists that he come over and have sex with both of them.

Paris describes her usual Thursday night, which has like four afterparties. Kathy decides she can't come and they have a goodbye hug. Man, I can't believe Paris Hilton would let Kathy get anywhere near her. She's either an incredibly good sport or has no idea what's going on around her. Or possibly both.

Kathy returns to the clothing store from earlier to return her $14,000 worth of clothes. She claims that she already has all that stuff already and would like the credit on her card, not on store credit. And don't tell Paris. Thanks!

Back at the Griffin Estate, Kathy is preparing to fire Maggie off the Facebook job. Maggie hasn't been accepting everyone's Facebook friend requests. Kathy doesn't like the drunken videos, nor does she approve of Maggie posting "Two-Buck Chuck is on sale at Trader Joe's". How can Two-Buck Chuck be on sale? Is it "Buck-Fifty Chuck"? Anyway, Maggie's fired. Big deal.

Kathy makes up some stuff that she learned this week, like that scripted television requires knowing your lines and that Young Hollywood goes to parties a lot. And we're done!

Next week: Don Rickles! That is going to be awesome. And Betty White!

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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List




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