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March on the Capitol!

The confab adjourns to the dorm room, which is a more casual feel than the room they were just in. It looked like a conference room, but I guess it could have been a recreation room. That's my point: it looked like any generic room with tables and chairs. Boring! Kathy tells them about Matthew Shepard, who was beaten to death in Wyoming for being gay. She feels that the younger generation needs to know about things like Matthew Shepard and Stonewall. This is a pretty rough recap, you know? I thought Kathy Griffin's show was going to be wacky fun! Maybe the wackiness will start up when Kathy takes these teens to Sacramento for a march.

Crescent moon. It warms the cockles of my heart.

Yes, my heart has cockles.

Next! Kathy takes a class on canvassing, which is going door-to-door asking people why Prop 8 passed. She quickly volunteers for the "roleplay", in which the canvassing script is demonstrated. She goes off-script pretty quickly, telling the instructor (playing an unhelpful homeowner) that he's an asshole. It looks like one of the things they'll be doing is trying to find out if people were confused by the fact that a "No" on Prop 8 was a "Yes" for gay marriage.

End of class! Kathy is assigned a minder, because for some reason, they seem to think that a stand-up comedian shooting this for her reality show might possibly pull some shenanigans. Let's find out! Kathy's going to Pasadena, which (we're told) overwhelmingly voted for Prop 8. Kathy plan is to talk about the Constitution a lot. The first door they knock on... has nobody home. Ditto for the second one. Kathy thinks people are probably home ("They're in there gay-bashing!") and plans to smoke them out of their holes. She points out that "Smoke them out of their holes" would be a good name for a gay bar. I think it's a little long.

Kathy accosts a man on the street (because no one will answer their doors) and he tersely says that he voted "No". Then he flees. She finds another women on her lawn, and she has a walker, which Kathy figures means that she can't get away. The woman voted for "a man and woman," due to her religion. But when pressed on how gay marriage would affect her life, she says "I'd just go along with it." She admits that maybe she'll vote for gay marriage next time. Kathy views this as evidence that people will listen to reason. Now Kathy's minder leaves her, so Kathy and Tiffany are on their own. They get some people who voted the wrong way because they were confused. Then Kathy find a guy who admits that gay marriage wouldn't affect him but is still opposed to it. Kathy does not enjoy saying "I respect your point of view," but does it anyway.

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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List




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