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March on the Capitol!

Kathy, as you may know, is in favor of the gays. And she lives in California, home of Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage. Kathy's position on this is demonstrated b the fact that she calls "Prop 8" by its other name "Prop H8". For some reason, we see a shot of Paris Hilton voting, but I don't want to dwell on what that means for the democracy. The point is that when this episode was shot, the constitutionality of Prop 8 was being considered by the California Supreme Court. And Kathy's going to go talk to a famous gay couple: Melissa Etheridge and her wife Tammy. What? A famous guest star? I had no idea that's where this was going!

So Kathy joins Melissa, Tammy, and their two children in their kitchen. Melissa's dossier contains the phrase "David Crosby's sperm", which I for one am tired of reading. Kathy ladles on the sarcasm as she explains how "bizarre" and "strange" the Etheridges are. Really, they're aggressively normal. I mean, I've never stood around with the whole family making cookies, but I guess it's what normal families do. Kathy asks for tips on becoming an A-Lister, and Tammy recommends sleeping her way to the top. Kathy explains that she tried that with Lance Bass, but it didn't work. Back to the theme: Kathy's cause is Prop 8, and Melissa is on board. Although she points out that it's a potentially controversial issue, and that Kathy might make people not like her. That's directly against the message of My Life on the D-List, which (if it has a theme at all) is about Kathy trying to get everyone to like her. Melissa recommends staying away from the religious argument. "I don't wanna convince anyone that their God loves me. That's a losing battle." Instead, she wants to argue on the basis of equality and the Constitution.

Kathy interviews that she was trying very hard to listen attentively and be socially conscious and all that, but on the other hand, there she was in a room full of cookie dough. And one of the tiny Etheridges was eating it with a spoon, which I don't see how anyone can resist. So I do not fault Kathy for having some. I'd like some myself.

In the Etheridge Living Room, Kathy interviews Melissa and Melissa's Oscar, which Melissa claims to have gotten via activism. Well, it's for the soundtrack to An Inconvenient Truth, so I guess she's got a point. The message Kathy hears is "Activism = Award Statuette." Melissa talks about Norma Rae for a bit. Kathy explains that Sally Field played Norma Rae in a fine movie (for which she won an Oscar, but it wasn't the "You like me!" speech) about union workers trying to get equality. Kathy identifies with Norma Rae, whom she describes as a "feisty little gal." So Melissa takes up her Oscar and dubs Kathy "Norma Gay".

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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List




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