Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

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The next day, Kathy and Lily have an interview with someone called "Nardwuar," or "Nardwuar, the Human Serviette". He looks and talks a bit like David Cross pretending to be, let's say, a Restoration-era fop. His antics quickly become tiresome.

With Nardwuar gone, Kathy and Lily are having breakfast. Kathy has a show that night, but she still has time to harass Lily about calling Jane Fonda for her. Lily does not think Kathy should ask Jane if she's still bulimic, but it's clear that Lily thinks it's a hilarious idea. Kathy wants to ask Jane if she's ever slept with a costar, but Lily thinks it's weird that Kathy's so interested in that. Kathy's explanation is just "I like other people's business!"

Jane's on the phone! As soon Lily tells her she's with Kathy Griffin, Jane claims to be losing her to static. Kathy grabs the phone and asks if Jane can hear her. The answer is a very clear "No." Then she admits she can hear Kathy but tells her to watch her mouth. Kathy panics and asks Jane what she liked best about Donald Sutherland (with whom she had a sex scene in Klute. She looked at her watch. Very famous). Jane's answer is "His hangdog eyes." Kathy tries to dance around the subject by asking if she ever had a "little crush" on him, and Jane goes straight to "He was my lover for awhile!" It was a different time. I'd hate to tell you what Peter Fonda was getting up to. Jane accuses Lily of being uptight and gets off the phone after denying being drunk.

Next up is Liza. Or at least, whoever answers Liza's phone. Kathy claims to be Lily, and to be "in a mood". Lily is shaking her head fondly. I think it's fondly. Liza is enthusiastic and friendly. She's also supposedly a nervous wreck because she's going on Saturday Night Live. Lily and Liza have a very quick high-powered A-List drive-by, full of things like "I haven't seen you in so long!" and "I wish we'd talked more at the Tonys!" Kathy doesn't say anything shocking and gets off the phone with Liza, who seemed very nice. Then Kathy thanks Lily for the experience. They seemed to get along well.

Anyway, Kathy's got a show tonight. Her name is in lights! Right next to the word "Washrooms", which is also in lights. Kathy's nervous, because she hasn't done stand-up in three weeks. Also because her warm-up act is Howard. But the crowd seems glad to see her when she gets out there and starts making fun of the view from her hotel room. The routine also involves her Grammy nomination, which I believe we have covered in enough detail already. The show appears to go quite well.

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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List




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