Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

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Howard leads Kathy through hallways (hallways again!) to Lily's dressing room. Kathy apologizes for heckling her, but Lily thinks it went well. Lily tells Kathy she's "not doing it because I want to. I'm doing it because I need to." Kathy thinks that line should go in the commercials. It should have! Lily tells Kathy she was hoping Maggie would be here, and Kathy interviews about how Lily turns out to be a big fan ... of her mother's. Shrug.

So Lily is doing a meet-and-greet with about twenty fans, and Kathy will be watching and learning how to interact with fans. I guess. Even though she's been doing this for years and years herself. Lily tells Kathy that she actually corresponds with her fans. Really? Huh. Anyway, the meet-and-greet mostly involves a handshake and a quick picture. I guess I've had a "meet-and-greet" with Mickey Mouse, then. After some fun, Lily and Kathy go off to dinner so Kathy can pick Lily's brain./p>

So in the forums for last week's episode, Milburn Stone had this to say: It did occur to me as I watched all the one-on-one time with Kathy and Bette that what we were really watching was a talk show surrounded by the trappings of a "reality show." Nicely observed! Because we're now doing the same thing with Kathy and Lily Tomlin. I hope this continues, because if we're really doing a weird talk show now, I'm into it.

Kathy is excited because Lily has won lots of awards and is one of only two women to win a Grammy for Best Comedy Album. The other, incidentally, was Whoopi Goldberg. If you were wondering. Lily tells Kathy that the year she got nominated for a Daytime Emmy, she went dressed as Ernestine in an attempt to get people to notice her. This, Kathy points out, is exactly like what she did with her "Suck it, Jesus!" speech. Well, not exactly. Lily tells a story about Ingrid Bergman, who returned to the Oscars from exile and got a standing ovation. Lily thinks it would have been cool if, instead of standing there all stoic, Ingrid had flipped everyone the bird. Kathy remembers the time she flipped off the Planet Earth people.

Lily and Kathy have both been banned from the Conan O'Brien show, although Kathy's ten-year ban has just ended. Lily's ban was for asking Conan not to use "douchebag" as a pejorative. Because it's anti-woman, you see. They get onto the subject of bannings, and Kathy tells Lily about how she's been banned from life from The View by Barbara Walters personally. Howard comes in and bothers them, so they give fake promos into the cameras about how great the River Rock Casino is, and how loose the slots are. It turns out that Lily got some free chips, but Kathy didn't. Shock horror! Lily tries to stir up trouble by claiming she got $42,000 in chips, but there's enough trouble in that Kathy's sick of Howard getting between her and Lily Tomlin.

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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List




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