Bravo’s A-List Awards

So you may have already read that some of the TWoP editorial staff actually got to attend the A-List Awards, but considering that the filming was more than two hours and the awards show has magically been trimmed down to a slightly more manageable 90 minutes (that includes commercials) we just had to know what got cut. So we decided (OK, I somehow volunteered myself) to do a recap of sorts of the televised show, with hopefully some insider info on what got cut. I say hopefully because, well, there was an open bar and a lot of my time was spent gawking at the Top Chef contestants so I can't promise all the juicy details, but I'll do my best.

First up, the red carpet. I don't like red carpet shows in general. I get annoyed by the "Who are you wearing?" and "What is your current project" and "Do you want to say hi to your kids?" questions that usually pepper these events. However, Tim Gunn, Project Runway mentor extraordinaire and just all around awesome guy, is hosting, so I had to peek in. Billy Eichner is joining Tim on the red carpet as a co-host. I'd never heard of this dude until I attended the A-List Awards, where I got to see his abrasive man-on-the-street interviews and kind of decided he was pretty cool. This has got some potential. Oh, and I just saw my friend Joanna. Fun.

Christian is there, a contender for the reality "Drama King Award," wearing a plastered on smile, his trademark uneven tresses and a rather subdued outfit. I hope Chris March shows up in like a full-on Vegas headdress or something. Then plug, plug, plug. Kathy Griffin, in her first outfit of the night -- a slender light green Dolce and Gabana number.

Billy's chatting with Jeff Lewis, who isn't screaming, so I barely recognize him. Billy tells Jenni Pulos that he wants to see her nipples. He doesn't pull an Isaac Mizrahi and actually touch her breasts, so he gets some credit for that.

Back to Tim, who's talking to Lauren Hutton. Considering the nutball speech she gives during the event, this should be good. She seems somewhat OK, though does talk about how she hasn't slept because of personal love problems. Tim's so naive. He's asking her real questions about the changes in the fashion industry. She gives an answer that seems like the answer to several questions that weren't asked of her, then Tim smiles and ushers off his little red platform. Oh, I feel for him. It's never fun when you learn that your idols aren't as amazing as you wish they were.

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