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Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt

Yay! It's my boyfriend Vincent -- finally! He comes loping out of a university building, towards an actual Hey! It's That Guy! whose name I don't know and who isn't on IMDb's cast list for this episode. In true HITG fashion, though, you'd recognize him if you saw him. HITG is wearing the Official Professor Costume -- you know, tweedy coat, fedora in matching tweedy material, plaid oxford shirt and glasses. I never saw an English professor wear this ensemble in the four years I was at UCLA, but it seems to be de rigeur in TV land. Vincent asks if he missed office hours. I'd like to take this moment to say that while Vincent is my boyfriend, and I love him very much, I wish he would wash his hair. I didn't leave Scott Speedman for greasy hair, Vincent. Anyway, the Prof. calls Vincent his favorite "wretched, ink-stained, miserable literary genius," and, I swear to God, totally checks Vincent out, looking him up and down and undressing him with his eyes. Vincent grins and says he's not miserable -- he was only miserable while he was taking the Prof.'s class. The Prof. says he was always "hardest on his best students." Are they flirting? Do I have to take the Prof. outside? What's going on, here? Vincent and the Prof. chuckle companionably, and Vincent sits down, asking the Prof. why he need to talk to him. Well, Vincent, it's because he's in love with you. Wait, no, it's not. Apparently, it's because the Prof. thinks Vincent's short stories are brilliant. "Really?" Vincent asks. The Prof. admits that he's been "betting on" Vincent for years, and that he sent his stories to some literary agents at the creatively named Artists Literary Talent, where they "responded" to his work. Vincent does that thing where he repeats everything that's said to him, and parrots "Artists Literary Talent?" Apparently, according to the Prof., one of the literary agents was a former classmate of Vincent's who remembers him -- Hillary Baker. "Hillary Baker?" Vincent repeats. Is there an echo there? Let me tell you, Vincent's short stories might be genius, but I think he needs to work on his witty repartee. Vincent gazes, pained, into the distance, and chuckles ruefully before telling the Prof. that Hillary Baker is "the single most evil entity I've encountered in my life." Get it? The Halloween episode? Witches? Ghosts? Evil literary agents? So clever. Vincent looks nauseated as the Prof. laughs in his face, evidently amused by his dismay. Now, I know Vincent is my boyfriend and all, but his ears look huge in this scene.

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