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Witch Hunt

Amy's checking on Lauren, who is supposed to be asleep, but is not, and they have a Halloween hear- to-heart. In a nauseating conversation that I will spare you, they agree that Lauren will be an angel for Halloween, and that Amy will be "an angel's mommy." Gag me.

Amy goes downstairs to find her mother by the fire, upset about the whole Compson thing. She's beating herself up for failing to save Timothy the first time. Amy tells her that there was no way she could have known, and reminds her that now, at least, little Timmy has a chance. Maxine tells Amy that the Compsons said they did it because Timothy "wasn't normal." That is really, really, really rotten. In the most notable non sequitur of the season to date, Amy responds to her mother's serious and heart-rending story by asking if they can make pancakes. So they do. Nothing like pancakes to cap off a day of rescuing abused children and granting custody to hatemongers, I always say.

Next week on Judging Amy: Marlee Matlin pays the rent.

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