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The Persistence Of Tectonics

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The Persistence Of Tectonics

He runs into Justin in the coatroom, and apologizes for stupid Hillary and her stupid pranks. They bitch to one another about the fact that the turkey was served with its head still attached. Vincent thinks they ought to have at least had the decency to put a hat on the bird. The boys laugh at the spectre of their shared, disastrous holiday, and Vincent invites Justin to come back to the Ranch with him for pie, and laundry.

Amy and Bruce arrive home just in time to see the hilarity ensue; everyone is wasted, Gillian has her feet on the table as she tells some gory, yet amusing, feet-in-the-stirrups in vitro story, and Vincent, Justin, Maxine and Michael all burst into hysterical laughter. Amy introduces Bruce to the crowd, generally, and they settle in for some booze and pie. Maxine introduces Bruce to everyone specifically, drunkenly, unnecessarily explaining to Amy that they've "been drinking." Bruce looks pleased, yet scared, to be there. The episode ends with much laughter and love from the Gray family, all interspersed with stupid black and white stills of the entire debacle. Note to the powers that be over at CBS: just because it's black and white, doesn't make it "arty," mmmkay?

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Judging Amy




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