Judging Amy
The Persistence Of Tectonics

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The Persistence Of Tectonics

Michael arrives. Lauren squeals. He calls her "pilgrim." There's awkwardness between Michael and Amy. Michael gives Amy some wine. Lauren takes her father upstairs to see her room. I don't care. I don't care. Hey, did I tell you? I totally do not care.

Vincent's schmoozing his way through a swanky party at his agent's house. His agent points out the people whose asses he ought to kiss, and tells Vincent that, due to the copious amounts of singletons at the par-tay, he might just score! Vincent chuckles, and says he thinks he'll stick to business. That's right, agent guy! Because he's saving himself for me! Boy, this Cuervo is smooooooth. Anyhoo, also in attendance at this shindig is the trampy Evil Agent who stole Vincent's work back in college, and over whom he leapt, to secure himself representation with the big wig at the literary agency. Remember all that? Hillary is her name. BigWig Agent is dying to know why Vincent refuses to work with Hillary, but gentleman that he is, Vincent refuses to talk about it, excusing himself, because he is a Gray, to get a drink.

Lauren shows her father the house. Blah blah blah, we're still a familycakes. I hope they send her to military school next year. Amy acts passive-aggressive about Michael springing all the divorce talk on her during the holiday. He tells her that "the best thing about not being married is that [he] doesn't have to listen to [her] endless character analysis." Actually, I think he could have left the "endless character analysis" part off of that statement and still been correct.

At the Agency Party, Hillary introduces Vincent to another author, Justin. Vincent and Justin hit it off, bonding over the fact that the party is what neither of them expected.

Back at the Ranch, Amy's crabby. She tells Maxine that she's upset because Michael wants a divorce. Maxine joins the rest of North America by totally not being surprised that the man Amy left, from whom Amy has been separated for a year, and from whom Amy ASKED to be divorced, is going along with the plan. Amy brats that she didn't want to reconcile, but that Michael is manipulating her. Maxine tells Amy that it was a bad idea to invite Michael for the meal, and finally just informs her daughter that she can't expect to feel okay about the end of her marriage overnight. She spouts some metaphor about how plate tectonics are ever so slowly moving the mountains closer together, and that, basically, change takes time. She tells Amy to stop stamping her foot and acting like such a brat, because she's a grown adult who ought to know better than to behave like a child. Well, more or less. She did say the foot-stamping part.

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Judging Amy




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