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The Out-of-Towners

Vincent's eating a sandwich at a dive-y eatery. He's reading a book, drinking a coffee (this place probably doesn't have a liquor license), minding his own sweet business, when The Girlfriend storms in, slams a newspaper on the counter and demands to know why Vincent didn't tell her the Creep was being set free. He stammers something about not wanting to upset her. She gets all in his face about how not telling her was a lie. He tactfully tries to tell her that he thinks she's "lost perspective." She interprets that as his thinking she's "crazy." Vincent gently says that wanting The Creep to get the death penalty is a little over the top. She gasps that the Creep is a murderer, and brats that "maybe [Vincent would] rather be with someone less troubled." Vincent looks hurt and takes her arm. "Don't do that," he says. She wrenches her arm out of his grasp and stomps out of the diner. Every single scene Vincent is ever in ends with his looking pensive.

Peter is waiting up for Maxine. She tells him that he was "right, and you know how it pains [her] to say that." That's the truth, and don't we all know it. She tells Peter about the declined credit card debacle, and, surprisingly, he doesn't pull out the old I Told You So, but is appropriately sympathetic. Well handled this time, Peter, but I still think you're a dweeb and a baby.

Bruce and Amy are at the courthouse, going through medical records. She apologizes for the incident with the policeman. He tersely tells her that it's his battle to fight.

Maxine shows up at an unspecified crime scene, and approaches a police officer; apparently she's been paged. Lo and behold, it's the DelBello residence and who's there but Susie Nixon, who calls Maxine over to her space on the porch, between the policemen and the paramedics. Susie starts off by saying breathlessly that they "caught Eddie DelBello red-handed, so obviously, I did the right thing." It's even more obvious that she screwed up, big time, and that she's got a major ass-kicking coming her way, courtesy of one Maxine Gray. Maxine asks after the children, just as the coroner brings Mrs. DelBello's dead body out on a stretcher. Maxine looks at Mrs. DelBello's blood-stained face, her own face twisting in a mixture of grief and fury and stalks off the porch without a word to Susie. Susie trails after her, repeating that at least the children are safe, like it's some kind of mantra. Maxine snaps and turns and yells at Susie to get away from her. As Susie scurries back onto the porch, Maxine looks on helplessly as the ambulance takes Mrs. DelBello's body away. Good work, Susie. See? Disobeying Maxine Gray can lead to death.

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Judging Amy




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