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The Out-of-Towners

Marston. The Ritalin-Happy Shrink is on the stand. He looks like a Toad in Human Form. He hems and haws about how he doesn't keep statistics of how many kids are on Ritalin, and he doesn't want to guess and he sort of works for the school, and sometimes he sees students, and maybe some of them had ADD and maybe not. Whatever. Anyway, it turns out that 80% of the kids the Toad sees are diagnosed with ADD and all of them are now on Ritalin. Amy asks to get the medical records of all the children under the Toad's care. Toothy Malone from DCF doesn't know how long it will take to get the records. Amy says she needs them by tonight. Period. She sends everyone home, and turns to Bruce, all self-satisfied. He looks at her like she's grown another head, and asks her where she's planning to stay the night. D'oh!

Vincent and The Girlfriend are eating take-out Chinese. As usual, she's being all uptight and totally wrong for Vincent. He asks if she wants some "cheap wine," because every adult on this show has to be shown drinking at some point in each episode. She says no, and is all secretive and weird about it, but then just casually throws in that alcohol doesn't go well with her medication. Vincent is obviously surprised, but tries to lighten the mood by cracking a small joke -- which was not even at The Girlfriend's expense (I would have said something along the lines of: "I think they ought to up the dosage, beeyotch, because you are still wack," but I'm not trying to get in her pants, and, also, I loathe her). She tells him all uptightly that he isn't funny, and he apologizes and starts kissing her neck. Man, that is just wrong! She doesn't respond and tells Vincent that she can't get over the attack; she's crying and having nightmares and the drugs haven't kicked in yet. Dude, you're a barrel of laughs. I am quite sure that getting attacked is horrible, and that it's totally appropriate for The Girlfriend to be receiving psychiatric care and medication. More power to her. I would also like to point out, however, the Vincent was shot in the same incident. It wasn't all about you, Miss Thang. The Girlfriend tells Vincent that she thinks she'll feel better once the trial is over and the Creep has been convicted. Vincent doesn't look at her and tells her that maybe they shouldn't focus so much on the trial. The Girlfriend reflects that it's weird, how The Creep brought them together, and "yet, [she's] hoping for the death penalty." Vincent looks at her like she's crazy. "That's a story for the grandkids!" The Girlfriend concludes, cheerfully, digging into her Kung Pao. Vincent doesn't look at her. Um, that's a pretty gory tale, there, Missy.

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Judging Amy




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