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The Out-of-Towners

DCF; Maxine is on the phone with Mrs. DelBello, telling her that she's going to approach Mr. DelBello at work and, thus, keep Mrs. DelBello out of the entire matter. It pleases me to tell you all that last episode's Sassy Black Woman is back! I thought she'd be 86-ed for sure after telling Maxine off, but she's right at the counter between Maxine and the door. Now, if only she had a name. Anyhoo, it's a good thing something is between Maxine and the door, because who is crawling back into DCF like the snake that she is but Susie "I'm a Crook, But Apparently No One Cares. Ha Ha!" Nixon! SBW speaks for all of us when she expresses her dismay at the fact that all Susie got for stealing money (from CHILDREN, people!) is a week's suspension. Word. What's up with that? Jim, the old fogy who so memorably told Maxine she had big brass balls, explains that he doesn't want the situation to "fester" (because, you know, Maxine is so likely to keep her feelings inside), but they need Susie's help around DCF while the investigation into her little money-making scheme is ongoing. Maxine wonders what, exactly, Susie plans to do to help: "Loot the coffee money fund?" Heh. Susie looks up from her pile of papers beatifically and says that she would like to turn her energies towards "those who need them. Children at risk." Man, that woman is as phony as a three-dollar bill. Jim makes some noises about how he's sure they're all on the same page, but Maxine interrupts, "That women stole money from the department and I'm supposed to take orders from her?!" Susie shakes her head. "I told you, Jim," she chirps, all sing-songy. Jim tells Maxine that Susie will have no access to department finances and demands they "make it work." After Jim scurries from what might be the world's most hostile working environment, Susie inquires about the DelBello case, asking if Maxine will be taking the children. Maxine replies that, given the husband's "volatility," they need to be careful. She explains that she's still "considering her approach." The camera gets all in Susie's face, as she morphs into the Wicked Witch of the West again. "Make no mistake about it," she cackles. "I am in charge." She demands that Maxine have the children removed. Maxine says she needs to investigate first, because there isn't enough evidence to take that step yet. Susie snips at Maxine to investigate, then, because, after all, she's "good at that." Snarl! Girl fight! In what must have been an ad-libbed bit of blocking, Maxine smiles and then curtsies to Susie. I'm sorry, but that was funny. Susie throws a ball of flames at Maxine's back before jumping on her broomstick to return to her castle and her army of flying monkeys.

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Judging Amy




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